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As you all have probably noticed I have been leaving 101 Guide on new bosses not yet released on the NA/EU servers. As a heads up I DO stream on Twitch. My channel is on my profile if you guys have any questions to ask in stream :)


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I play mainly on the KR server but I tend to come back here when I can. I stream KR as well for the community. One day I will be a Localizer for MMO's https://www.twitch.tv/tankblade9
  • NEW Map / Raid / Reedemer Information (22.12.2017)

    They better do Balor Justice. That's the King of Fomors they messing with so he needs to have one eye and that eye needs to be his ult at least before I accept ANY type of development as acceptable in my book involving that boss.
  • A test for gamers

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  • Rework?

    Since I'm soloing it's development (what is money for hiring developers) It's a super slow process since I'm learning starting as of really recent.

    You will face a lot of difficulties if you do all the things yourself:
    1. if you want to create a new game (not an exact copy of another), first you will need a detailed plan of how your game is gonna work (game designing process), that itself takes a lot of time
    2. you will have to learn to make the models, textures, animations, sound effects and music (you'll also need to spend on basic sound studio equipments)
    3. and for extra, you will have to plan and code the game mechanics or even some shaders

    Unless you have a lot of money to buy the assets or hire someone else to make them, it will be a very time-consuming process, not 1-2 years but 10-20 years. But if you can make a prototype or a demo of the game, maybe you will be able to get more people to work on it.

    I'm doing kind of the same but i've been making a 3D sidescroller platformer (mixed with 2D elements) for a year already. Even that is a lot of work.

    But i wish you a good luck! And don't forget to set small goals at first!

    Since it's being treated as a learning experience I just set one goal at a time since I'm new to development so that way I don't get discouraged. Too much at once is bad after all xD So far I have the movement and the basic combat down. I think once i have the gameplay things done I will focus on world things in due time. But we shall see if I decide to take it further depending on it's progress.
  • Arisha Second Weapon Live Testing

    I know of one that uses that and that's the Counter (which in the stream I mentioned they could have just done a Right Click for that.....instead of A S D Left Click (normal damage) or Right click (enhanced damage at the cost of SP)

    Edit: When I get the time I will post a list of the skill names for those that don't want to refer to the stream I linked. If I'm feeling even less lazy I will post the combat effects of them :P
  • Can we have Friendslots per character yet?

    I think doing an account based friendlist would be a better way to fix this issue.