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As you all have probably noticed I have been leaving 101 Guide on new bosses not yet released on the NA/EU servers. As a heads up I DO stream on Twitch. My channel is on my profile if you guys have any questions to ask in stream :)


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I play mainly on the KR server but I tend to come back here when I can. I stream KR as well for the community. One day I will be a Localizer for MMO's https://www.twitch.tv/tankblade9
  • Arisha Second Weapon Live Testing

    Rezi wrote: »
    However, I will admit I was wrong about how the whip would play. It certainly does play like Ivy in SC, being slow and calculated, but that's to its detriment in Vindi since its slowness makes it boring.

    Indeed it does play like Ivy (I'm honestly fond of that even though I only tested it for 20 minutes since I was on a tight schedule between translating ingame and working). Which brings me to my favorite saying of My translations are completed and I will be streaming soon. For those that can't make it I will link the VOD here in the thread.

    Edit: forgot to link this https://www.twitch.tv/dragonblade_901
  • New KR Update: Arkana Raid Boss + More

    Arkana hits about as hard as Aes Sidhe. Like a truck and again I have 16k defense. Her torture room feels good though :P
  • Possible Arkana Test Server Stream

    From what I was told by some friends from KR in the discord Arkana will be hitting test server at 6PM on the 20th KST (essentially 5AM Eastern on the 20th as well). I will NOT be streaming upon test server opening due to sleep being needed for work. However this will give me time to translate the ingame content for Test Server for streaming during that time.
  • KR Server Patch Notes & More

    They really should have made her a new character. I wouldn't even be upset at having three new females in a row if she played as well as she looks to by her design.

    Miri does play rather good so long as you don't have jumpy lag. She's just.....too flashy imo xD
  • Miri Stuff

    All these questions about why miri isnt so technical. Meanwhile elemental weaknesses are still not a thing but no ones complaining about that xD

    Jokes aside

    Imma say what i always say in my streams. You either love or hate specific characters. No way around that xD
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