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As you all have probably noticed I have been leaving 101 Guide on new bosses not yet released on the NA/EU servers. As a heads up I DO stream on Twitch. My channel is on my profile if you guys have any questions to ask in stream :)


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I play mainly on the KR server but I tend to come back here when I can. I stream KR as well for the community. One day I will be a Localizer for MMO's https://www.twitch.tv/tankblade9
  • Guild Housing update

    This update will givem e a reason to buy a maid outfit for my Delia as she keeps the Guild House Dust free +drunk
  • New Outfits

    iMini wrote: »
    Gacha I believe is called Divine Crystal

    1x - 1.9k won
    11x - 19k won
    28x - 47k won
    58x - 95k won

    --Coupon Exchange Shop--
    Neamhain Wings - 450 Coupons
    Special Neamhain Set - 450 Coupons
    Special Lugh Lamhfada Set - 450 Coupons
    Special Haitai Musashi Set - 380 Coupons
    Special Silk of Gold Set - 380 Coupons
    Special Cat Lady Set - 350 Coupons
    Special Dragon Soul Set - 350 Coupons

    Yes this is correct. Sorry normally I would have posted a lot of the information but I was multitasking a lot at the time x.x
  • New Raid/Level 100 and more.

    Innoy wrote: »
    The current NA change in gear really screwed new players or players that are not already super geared. It basically negated all motivation to run anything before Dulla, which basically makes you rush to Dulla undergeared . Now to make money is impossible, only Dulla stuff sells and you can barely farm anything at that point in crap gear. The idea of hitting 3k+ atk is too far out there, there is no clear road map to do that. They need to make more content relevant not less.

    Yeah that too. Right now it just feels like they are through content out there as an attempt to please the players to keep the game going. But each update no longer has that spark we once had many years ago. As much as I want to see DevCAT actually save this game at the same time I think it's time for it to end too. Sad to say but it's on life support imo xD (just an opinion but hey).
  • Make Vindictus Great Again!

    1.) Regarding the 4-8 player raids the main issue with that is since the game's engine is VERY dated and Nexon Higher Ups is probably the one doing the final decision making on DevCAT's agenda it's honestly hard to make 8 man raids an enjoyable experience without some sort if performance issue in the engines current state. Moving the game to a new engine is very possible however that would require A LOT of money in Engine Licensing fees as a corporation (hence why DevCAT isn't doing it). Don't get me wrong Nexon KR makes way more money than any region but as a whole corporation they don't. That's probably whats preventing DevCAT to make that decision to either do an entirely new engine or do an entire massive overhaul.

    2.) The Guild stats I can see where you are coming from for sure. I think the guild stat thing can honestly be managed by the region that works on the game imo. So with the lack of players on NA/EU you guys could very well use that. KR doesn't have it because our population is still REALLY huge compared to NA/EU. I AM looking forward to the new Guild update so I can explore those changes so I'll post more on that when the time comes.

    3.) Expiring Consumable items imo isn't needed. Especially the ones that are for joking around. Those should stay permanent lol. The ones that barely heal for anything I just delete cause they take up too much space xD (personal preference speaking on that part so disregard that).

    4.) This is basically the biggest topic as a whole across all regions I think. Ever since this change the core concept of Vindictus is gone. The game used to be all about control (KR's way of saying skill) with practically every dungeon you ran. Now it's all about stats and merc pots. Granted they are keeping story content at a reasonable stat range but we just got Hell Mode (too early imo considering we don't have the necessary means to even get Neamhain to 9 bars in a matter of 10 minutes alone lol) and you basically need near a +20 right now to even do decent.

    ADDITIONALLY: I did get a message on how KR deals with Performance issues with each update so I will answer this with more details on how our client works. So basically since DevCAT ARE the developers of the game they optimize the updates alone I'm sure. Because one single update alone doesn't impact the performance of our client 90% of the time. But as they DO add up we do feel the unoptimization. Though since i have a pretty powerful rig I can handle the game perfectly fine (so long as I don't stream which is....what I do....so I have to provide a crappy quality stream or remove my HUD for good frames). If you guys are getting super bad performance drops that are noticeable with each update then NA isn't bothering to optimize your updates. They are simply changing code to make it work and that's it. If I had to take a guess on how they receive the updates I would bet before Test Server even gets them in KR so they would get Dev Builds essentially. Meaning they have to work out the bugs on their own (I think most companies do this anyway due to locale differences on MMO development for each region but I could be wrong here entirely).

    AS A FINAL SUGGESTION: It's gonna be hard since you are a smaller playerbase (or this can be easier for you compared to us.....depends....the size will play it's role) but if everyone in NA/EU actually bands together and tells NA the things that NEED to be fixed. I don't mean the things that involve gameplay mechanics but I mean for example the things that actually hinder the gameplays performance, and tbh you can even throw events in there as well as the outfits you guys STILL haven't receive (this entire suggestion is wishful thinking I know but I'm pretty sure if Nexon NA actually CARES for this game then they will do something if 90% of the playerbase voices their concerns and well....if 90% of the playerbase needs to stop logging in until they actually do something to get them to realize they need to take better care of this game then.....that's what it will take.....again though this is wishful thinking xD)

    Final one I promise....lol: I'm a lot more reachable at my Twitch page since i stream basically everyday. Twitch page is on my profile.
  • To people with an i7 7700k cpu

    7700k from my experience I managed between 50-60fps. It was never constantly 60 that's for sure. It definitely helped with being able to stream Vindictus but since the 7700k wasn't designed for streaming the sacrifice of stream quality for frames was an issue. So I dropped the 7700k for Ryzen since all I do is stream xD (I do UI my runs mostly anyways because I play good without it anyway) but the 7700k DOES play the game good. Tho I play on KR so....that's why I've had good experiences with it. If the 7700k doesn't help much on NA/EU clients then Nexon NA has a lot of work to do.