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  • Have to say, takes skill to get banned on a dead forum.
  • fun thread all in all, good job evistix
  • Yikes, what an ego with that kinda gameplay. But hey, at least the guy can stay alive for 60minutes, all other Lann faceplant.
  • Made some changes, High Tier was not justified to be so cluttered since most characters only really bring DPS which more so depends on the player itself than the characters abilities.
  • Arrow95 wrote: » My self am gonna disagree where you put bow kai, has a bow main that uses bow in os I do even or out damage top hurks in Na with bow in os, bow as it pretty safe with 1hp really have no problem getting hit for the whole 10min ma…
  • LillieViride wrote: » Blute isn't the best simply because of how short the i-frames are on her standard dodges, which you do have to use at times for the multi trail attack etc. It's worth mentioning that without the stam regen from spiked ferrule…
  • _Kale wrote: » Deprived wrote: » But I know everyone wants to give their opinion and feel important no matter how useless it is, I understand, you just want a little attention even if you make yourself look stupid in the process, whatever it ta…
  • Arxis wrote: » I normally do not participate and refrain from posting on these forums, but I feel like I may have to pitch in. We should only give our legitimate personal experiences with the characters we're knowledgeable with and actually play,…
  • Someone has been compiling these drops. http://forums.vindictus.nexon.net/discussion/11705/drop-tables-rise-update https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1t_cd5mGUKeLMeYnxU1aoh7kh1rEVL1cLskVOS4GRwSY/edit?usp=sharing Credit to LoLo.
  • Thanks for your input guys, looks like I'll be going for spears.
  • Chains is greater DPS overall, unless the boss is fast and attacks often in which case swords can capitalize more with her counter. They're both still relatively close though, at high skill level gameplay.
  • Add is the best weapon, not having Add is the worst.
  • Seems about right, is Lann high tier in anything lmao NuclearChicken wrote: » Not sure since I havent tried but if fury infusion count toward that, then spear lann is the best since its free and you can do like 2 per second Don't believe fury in…
  • Definitely bad, still hoping they nerf it back down to how it used to be. Among other things..
  • So we have a ranking system ingame now. Do these lists have more meaning or the ingame one? +cold
  • Scarrlettt wrote: » Well ill just add a legit list, this is what it really shud be for east and includes pple in the past. Sword lann: swolelobsta, vergilmaycry, Tanryoku, chalant, aatxe Spear lann: FrozenDecay, teacup, blitzz Sword fiona: p…
  • Arrow95 wrote: » Something wrong to responding to people about this misinformation? to try to get some truth out for the serious people, so there's less confusion. That's pretty counter intuitive. How about sharing your own list? Surely ther…
  • Arrow95 wrote: » Let this chat die out, theres no need for it, nothing good is coming from this, just play your char and have fun, there is no such thing as the so called "best", being the best is subjective, just like there is no most beautiful w…
  • Okatsu wrote: » We've got our best detectives on the case, we know you're right under our noses. They'll never take me alive (.)
  • So much salt, people can't seem to keep their e-peens in check. Might as well give my thoughts before this thread derails further into madness. These aren't necessarily the best players but rather people I believe use their class really well, also t…