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ES drops for S2 Bosses After Rise

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Not sure if the drop table for all is the same but I have gotten the following from the boss,

Druid: Bloodlust , Passion, Enthusiastic, Berserker, Divine Punishment,

Lavasat: Enthusiastic, Divine Punishment, Master, Passion, Valor, Bloodlust, Berserker

Lakoria: Enthusiastic, Well-balanced,

Kraken: Passion, Berserker, Significant,

Panth: Well-Balanced, Sparkling,Significant, Fast,

Tinhead/Ulchas: Leopard, Well-balanced, Significant,

Havan: Well-Balanced, Sparkling,



Cromm: Well-Balanced, Fast,


P.S. Pet gremlin gives +1 core, and I believe succubus pet too (greedy gem ability).
I'll try to update more if I can validate the drops, but so far these are 100% dropped. (Also, Significant/Sparkling seems to drops in other maps too, not just Kraken.. forgot which)

I also did not put in the scrolls that you just NPC, and Ticky is very very common...

(Sidenote: You get a lot of Masterpiece bracelet boxes from these runs)