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    Have to say, takes skill to get banned on a dead forum.

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  • Onslaught Tier List S1

    Arrow95 wrote: »
    My self am gonna disagree where you put bow kai, has a bow main that uses bow in os I do even or out damage top hurks in Na with bow in os, bow as it pretty safe with 1hp really have no problem getting hit for the whole 10min match with dodge grapple just in case.
    about the bosses hitboxes rico/mag have no problem hitting bosses since of their hitbox/pretty easy to flinch bosses breakoff points for easy headshot marks.

    Thats pretty strange, I did match with you a couple of times while you were using bow and you never beat a Hurk, much less a "top" Hurk you even lost to a Lann one time. I guess those were just off matches.

    Regardless those are fair points, but I've never seen them be pulled off in practice.
    Saphree wrote: »
    CB Vella should prob be in low from my experience

    Sylas self heal can be a hindrance for damage but can save your life, plus low HP e.roar can help wipe statues and bosses and phantasmic slash is good for hitting multiple statues + bosses

    Teide I don't think does much in there? Only played with one Teide hurk tho.

    E.roar is useful however it has a long CD and does not do as much if you dont stack 20 shards which is neigh impossible.
    Agreed Teide can probably be moved down, but the few CB vella I've seen managed pretty well.
  • Best of the Best

    Arrow95 wrote: »
    Let this chat die out, theres no need for it, nothing good is coming from this, just play your char and have fun, there is no such thing as the so called "best", being the best is subjective, just like there is no most beautiful woman in the world, beauty is subjective, everyone as different tastes, same thing for Best all depeneds on the person. There will be no 100% Best Player of a class, so drop it.

    For someone that wants this to die, I think you posted the most. :thinking:
  • Best of the Best

    So much salt, people can't seem to keep their e-peens in check. Might as well give my thoughts before this thread derails further into madness. These aren't necessarily the best players but rather people I believe use their class really well, also the fact that I have not played with every player to know.

    Sword Fiona: Typo, D3mon was good too
    Hammer Fiona: deadclass, but that red fiona does alright
    Spear Lann: Have seen them around but they mostly face tank, maybe zubi/volt but haven't played with them enough
    Sword Lann: All trash, if theres any good sword lann on east id like to see one
    Scythe Evie: Myugeared Hinaxy does well despite not being 25 curried
    Staff Evie: ragingpotato Anju? theres that really dark skinned one too. Amphetw/e isnt geared but their playstyle is cool.
    Chain Vella: robinchild i guess
    Sword Vella: pokemon
    Bow Kai: sonotgeared
    Gun Kai: rolo?
    Cestus Karok: what bald spot?
    Pillar Karok: what bald spot?
    Hurk: all the end game ones are good and preform similarly
    Lynn: hicurry or that long ign with S haven't played with them recently though
    Arisha: tomato curry is the best
    Sylas: all the end game ones are good and preform similarly
    Delia: cherish? none of them really stand out

    It might seem erratic but I'm sure some people from east will understand it +cold
    Props to these people for all the curry.