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  • It is most likely BastardKing been trolling. Well done Nexon for supporting retarded people with mental issues to keep bullying players who haven't done anything to them. BastardKing is keep forcing me to talk on discord because he is scared i rep…
  • We had Guild vs Guild many years ago. It was a lot of fun! But PvP is dead now. PvP could be brought back to life if they implement the Onslaught reward system to the PvP world (Death Match). The Royal raids are reduced to a max of 12 players. W…
  • They should just remove this trash fatigue system. So the players that are left in the game, could at least enjoy it. This fatigue is a shame.
  • Just remove this trash ****** Fatigue system or they must give us WEEKLY free VVIP (7days) + daily fatigue reset of 300%!! Best to just remove this fatigue virus
  • http://vindictus.nexon.net/news/56226/update-regarding-the-fatigue-system +calm Oke, time to spam Nexon with tickets again This retarded facktigue trash system is even worse than Corona virus.. Can they just stop fooling around for Elchulus sa…
  • Yeah, it is weird why they did it this way. 24h cooldown is just lame. It is better for everyone is they just remove this retarded fatigue trash system +sigh Let's hope it will be gone by the end of the month. If not, then let the spam of support…
  • When will they remove this trash fatigue system? This update is worst thing ever! it is even worse then Rise update or Server switch. i thought this game couldn't be more ruined after those 2 changed.. but fatigue is really crossing the line.
  • Its a huge discussion. And a big change, we have been unprepared. We wouldn't agree on the change anyway so basically Nexon is unprepared for being spammed now by mad players.. is that why their support site was down? Because I wanted to write a n…
  • ~ Server: Europe --- Guild Name: BlackTornado --- Guild Members: 272/300 --- Guild Points: 150k GP ~ All members were called by the guild leaders. They were told to gather inside the main hall of the still under construction guild house. Some…
  • yea i agree everyone should earn the Emblem and title.. i was waiting... and waiting.. and waiting to login. at 17:25 i was able to login, to come online adn set up my party asap. then on this forum, some people already made premade post and edit…
  • Succeeded to defeat the Goddess Macha. Server: Europe Party member IGN's: - IdrialLadyofLight - Silwayna - Nokaubure - Shiragiku Posted by IdrialLadyofLight Post time 5:42PM BlackTornado guild, a true guild.
  • Thanks OrtRisa for the post. I've read everything and I do agree with the notes you made, except I don't care much about the 'Consumable Items'. For years I've been trying to write forum posts / tickets, asking nexon to forward it to KR. Nexon can…
  • With the abilities maybe to much, but the new mission types sounds nice. Devcat will expand the vanguard for sure, its quite new and I like it They should give us +100 Att Limit in general for reaching 12 characters :P
  • I wonder if Nexon will ever let me know if things of my list were taken serious and will come true one day. To know that Devcat truly take time to read our ideas, will give us new hope for this game ... Btw, when will they bring back the Macha +…
  • Infusion bug took me 64 stones for anything good and in the plus (+2 bal, very lucky~) then it took me another 41 stones so far to get -3 INT.. all other times gave nothing special at all.. tho i had +103 def (only good thing). does it take anothe…
  • Permanent Shared Storage would be great to have it back! Only then it is worth to spend money on. Tho it is still unfair that there are still some items which cannot be transferred through the shared storage to another character, while we pay for i…
  • another idea for Devcat: What about making gears tradable between characters on the same account? Just an idea >.< Everyone have some armors and weapons which are bound (cannot be traded), maybe make it possible to send to an alt char? Th…
  • I wonder when Devcat will give more options to guilds and give guilds more things to do, got some ideas for it, but i wonder if they take time to read our ideas +sad
  • You said 90kk + unbinds. else nothing will change on the offer xD i wrote the deal here on forum.. if you changed your mind all of the sudden, then you should have contact me ingame again or send a mail, thanks. If you still wanna buy it, let me …
  • I added 2 new ideas: 44 NX inventory 45 Guild List