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January 18, 1994
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~ Just Follow my Steps ~
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Guild Master BlackTornado, co-boss public observatory Netherlands
  • NEXON, you may have noticed

    They should just remove this trash fatigue system. So the players that are left in the game, could at least enjoy it.
    This fatigue is a shame.
  • Wow you guys really killed this game

    Just remove this trash ****** Fatigue system or they must give us WEEKLY free VVIP (7days) + daily fatigue reset of 300%!!

    Best to just remove this fatigue virus
  • The Fatigue System

    When will they remove this trash fatigue system?
    This update is worst thing ever!
    it is even worse then Rise update or Server switch.
    i thought this game couldn't be more ruined after those 2 changed.. but fatigue is really crossing the line.
  • [Event] Show Off Your Guild

    ~ Server: Europe --- Guild Name: BlackTornado --- Guild Members: 272/300 --- Guild Points: 150k GP ~
    All members were called by the guild leaders.
    They were told to gather inside the main hall of the still under construction guild house.
    Some time has passed already. They suspect something is coming.

    Members were whispering among themselves.
    "Why did they call us?"
    "Maybe they need us to help with some sort of new mission?
    Rumors can be heard and the curiosity is drawn on their faces.
    "Yeah a new mission.. can we go already? I was planning to pack for Astera today." Someone called out sarcastically.

    "The doors of the main hall swing open and Idrial, the guild master, enters the room. As she walks in all conversations in the background went silent, all eyes now turned towards her"
    Her presence immediately made the atmosphere brighter.

    Out of line with the Guild Leaders, Idrial steps forward and starts to talk.

    "I am so happy that everyone could make it! I have a great announcement to share with you.
    As you all know, our Guild House is almost finished and you can sniff around very soon.
    But that is not all. I wanted to see you all because I have a request for you".

    Some members stood up right away, with a royal attitude, showing that they are ready no matter what.

    "Many of us have been together for many years. For a long time our guild has been a place to stay regardless of their situation and it still is for those who recently chose to join us.. Let's show the world we are here for everyone.
    Let's work together once more, this time we won't be taking down some Gods but to show Vindictus the true power of our Black Tornado".

    "From the grounds, To the skies!" everyone shout out in harmony.
    Idrial's heart started beating faster, filled with joy. Such a strong and happy feeling she never felt before, by seeing everyone, showing what they stand for... what we stand for... we are BlackTornado!

    Idrial whispers shyly "Just follow my steps" and winks.

    idrial.png Twitchy.png shawn.png jahli.png karmi.png jess.png jake.png
    Each Leader has their own tasks to focus on. Members know what we are up to and what to expect from us. As for leaders ourselves, we can focus much better on that what we are meant for. This way we can be of better use which results in better quality.
    Your Guilds server

    Why others should join your Guild
    Below are some things we offer and do as a guild. There are enough reasons to join our guild for.
    We ...

    ... are a very organized and up-to-date guild.
    ... have a guild website which contains news, info events.
    ... allow members to join with alt characters.
    ... have our own Magazine and Lottery!
    ... have our own Ranking System for Loyalty.
    ... are currently active in Onslaught (PvP).
    ... we have a Redeemers Raid schedule.
    ... have Guild Storages with Quest Armor Sets and Crafting Materials to support you in your Expertise skills.
    ... are a Community, you can be part of it!
    Our Guild has currently 272/300 characters in the guild. But some members have alt characters. They are all registered on our guild website.
    So apart from the alt chars, the amount of members our guild has: 148

    Q&A with members

    - What do you like about BT?
    It's an international guild with all age players.
    - What made you join our guild?
    I've been invited by a lovely Evie.
    - What is for you the most noticable?
    You're never alone.
    - How do you think about your fellow members?
    We can get along very well!
    - How do you think about the Guild Leaders?
    They put alot of effort into the guild and small events outside Vindictus
    During Guild Events
    2018-08-18-0003-cam-2.png vindi.jpg
    - What was your most beautiful moment with the guild / member(s) so far?
    Gathering in our channel and dance our asses off. Having fun!
    - What makes BlackTornado different from the other guilds?
    The bond that we all share and how kindly we get welcomed here.

    What makes your Guild special or stand out
    - BlackTornado is THE guild with more things to offer than any other guild.
    - Our guild is one of the Oldest Communities.
    - In the past we were the only active guild able to succesfully play PvP (Death & Siege Match).
    - We are and always have been original in the things we do.
    - Unlike other guilds, Guild Leaders do actually have a function here.

    Your Guilds motto
    From the Grounds, to the Skies

    Biggest achievement that you and your Guild members have achieved

    Guild Screenshot
    20th January 2019, 20:00 CET

    It is such a beautiful and sunny day, cold but the weather is in a perfect mood.
    Riordan, Captain of the Royal Army is making his way towards the base.

    He is always going there. "Nowhere else to go" he said. So you won't ever find him at the bar, any shop or in the garden. If you see him outside the gates or at the docks, he is probably departing for a mission.

    Riordan, acting like he is in a rush, made his way through the gates. He could hear someone talking upstairs, it sounds like a speech. Immediatly he is walking up the stairs and..
    A tear is slowly rolling down from his face, the moment he looks up and sees the Royal Army Base filled with BlackTornado members.
    "Good day sir Riordan" says Idrial, as she offers a heartly welcome.

    Idrial, continues her speech. "Tonight we will party here! Food and drinks will be ordered here. And soon, very soon, we will party at our own Guild House!
    41 Participants

    Airemed, Alexandria, Alimi, Alysssa, Devilan, Elayri, giozone, IdrialLadyofLight, Imani, iShawny, Jakeusyn, JessicaTrueblood, Karmiko, Katerana, Kettle, Kregan, LadyGrim, LuciferSama, miiraJINN, Mirakuja, Noelle, Nokaubure, NorthCold, Only_Cuteily, PantyThief, Postii, Raoru, Reshep, Silwayna, Rin_Nanasaki, Shiragiku, Shiro_Kuroh, Skun, Star, Tony, TwitchAngel, Vedania, Vlerra, Weiss_Oswald, xAilee, xXxRedLinexXx.
    Members online but not on the screenshot:

    Bladedance, DaVoGue, DiirtyIce, Elmy, Erumuldirr, HolyCrystall, HyperioNN, Jeasa, lockdown, MrBaltzer, Naridesa, Nyexi, Rhilin, Riesse, Seraphinax, SpaccaPannocchio, SSFderZauberer, SythoZ, xXxPrincexXx, YunaLuna.

    Future goals with your Guild members
    Having our next party and guild screenshot at our guild house.
    Maybe at the swimming pool or perhaps the disco place.

    Other fun or interesting facts about your Guild
    - We have a guild story which is still expanding. The story is made up of different parts:
    Formation, Redeemers and The Tale of BlackTornado.
    Redeemers can be read already, Formation is still not finished. The Tale of BlackTornado is not available yet.

    - Upon joining our guild you will get access to a lot of stuff. Many fun things will be available for you.

    - We are active on Discord and sometimes we poke each other in calls, this will maintain the fun during battles.

    - Every half a year we will gather, for a new Guild Screenshot. The most recent one is shown in this post.
    Others are stored on our guild website.

    - We have a forum with a lot of information.
    With posts about AP system, Enchant -, Enhancement -, Reforge - , and the Season 3 system.
    Boss Guides and of course our own Guild Events and much more!

    - Our guild channel is 129, since the first day of Vindictus XE Europe.

    - In the first year of the game the name of the guild was BlackTornadoIII

    - Our guild never fell apart or disbanded.

    - Idrial: I've put more time and effort in this guild and its members than I put into my jobs or study. And I will be keep doing that!

    - Guild Website: www.blacktornado.guildlaunch.com
    On our guild website you can also read our Rules, so you will get a better indication about us.


    Without the help of members and leaders, it will be very hard to keep a guild running well.
    I'm so thankful for everything they have done so far for me, for eachother and for the guild.
    ~ IdrialLadyofLight
    2016-02-07-0009.jpg 2016-07-24-0012.jpg 2016-10-16-0002.jpg 2017-02-26-0011-cam-2.png 2017-12-22-0000-cam-2.png 2018-08-31-0000-cam-1-0000000.jpg
  • [Event] The Red Stigma Conqueror

    yea i agree everyone should earn the Emblem and title..
    i was waiting... and waiting.. and waiting to login.
    at 17:25 i was able to login, to come online adn set up my party asap.
    then on this forum, some people already made premade post and edit it.
    It is not a problem really but the point about this event is, its not like a true Race.
    when we ALL start at the same line... and first at finish is the winner..
    But with this Event.. Nope, now some people had a chance to start 5 min earlier. So its like starting 500 meters ahead of me.
    it doesn't sounds fair.
    Back then at Vindictus Europe we had to clear a battle asap and post the time. someone who posted later, but killed it faster was the winner.
    Of course it is still Pay2Win, people with OP gear always win those events so yea, its very hard to make a fair event.

    Still waiting for a balanced PvP tho.
    anyway, lets hope for the best. cuz i was focussed on one thing: Title: Red Stigma Conqueror