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Nexon bad support

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I know that Nexon is trash but this completely confirms it.
I have been banned for 3 days a week ago, for no reason and now for 7 days and not just me..
Over 30 tickets, and not a single answer that tells me what is wrong.. GREAT SUPPORT!
Europe is superior to America this is a fact. But blindly banning accounts without supporting the players, is just sad.
From the support I expect to work together to find out what is wrong.
Clearly someone is trolling.
Been playing since beta, daily, never had a break. I spend so much time on the guild, which makes us the most active guild.
I'm supporting the game, and making people (keep) playing this game.

But not getting ANY support from Nexon at all... is insane, doubt they feel ashamed about it.
Anyone else having this issue?
Can you comment with your situation and screenshots I wanna gather the information and start a nice campaign to make a negative opinion about Nexon in general, warning other people to play any of their games.
This is the best way to hurt them, in hope they will take their players more seriously

Below some Typical Nexon action:
You can spam them with tickets but they never answer. they dont take players serious.
They do not even investigate at all. I am banned and I haven't done anything at all.
Even GM's tells you they cant recover my account but to others they can... oops wrong chat +drunk
And in a ticket I tell them to unban me, but ofc we get the copy-paste reply but about 3-days ban.. but im banned for 7 days...
nice bot Nexon or your people are truly braindead!