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  • Yes the older players are well aware of all this crap including the new fatigue system. If you have played this game before rise there are a lot of things to **** and moan about and it has made it next to impossible to get new players interested int…
  • well i can login to the character on the website at least -_- but it still shows me logged in on my main. fun times.
  • SoulKing wrote: » FlameSama1 wrote: » Kurs wrote: » It seems to me that the complaints are more of an e-peen issue and instant gratification issue than anything else. Where "I, ME, MWAH, HAVE TO HAVE A +15 NOW OR SUPER DUPER FAST OR ELSE IT'S…
  • Vallesti wrote: » I think they need to make new content more easily available to everyone. The main thing being the drop rate of rare items increased. It is a turn off for most players to keep running dungeons or raids and not get anything and the…
  • I sense a class action lawsuit in the fold. It's blatantly obvious.
  • There has always been a lack here in Customer Care here and every other F2P game I find. This is what happens when you move GMs around from one game to the next when someone leaves or when there is high enough demand that they need more support on o…
  • I never even got my pouch. I thought you just had to do a run to qualify ugh..
  • If you miss a day does that mean you receive the other day reward or do you always receive the reward marked on the day it is.
  • I think you guys grossly over estimated how many people play. We will be lucky to even hit a few of the objectives.
  • 12K Dulla runs isn't doable when. both servers don't have enough pop let alone enough players who are geared enough to take him down. At this rate it will take us 48 days to complete 12k runs.
  • USEast Facts about myself. -played since CB. -I kept Royal Raids alive for a long time -over 16 level 95s and I'm decent with all characters -I host everything
  • They much focus saying a whole lot of nothing banning legit accounts when they never banned them before in seven years. As for the bots yep they will just keep coming back. they should be focusing on how bring down the inflated rates on the mp
  • MisterWhiskers wrote: » they should keep their bullshit niche promotions for the korean/jp versions nobody in the west ever heard of the game they're partnering up with to make these avatars I understand a lot of people play this game are a …
  • You wonder why the forums are completely dead. Anyway, the truth hurts. I am in shock of how they run their customer care. I hear people bad mouthing my company all the time because it's 10,000+ big and when it comes to customer care you don't know …
  • Bowtacojr wrote: » Bounty wrote: » I question the lag. This further proves this game is on it's last legs when you know they need to migrate everything into one because the marketplace is dead and absolutely absurd. The new person is charge real…
  • ISnatchMoney wrote: » This server merge also will affect character rankings.. Because the game has been flatlining for a while and this is their way to trying to make the mp less -_- it would be nice if they change the drop rates back to wh…
  • I question the lag. This further proves this game is on it's last legs when you know they need to migrate everything into one because the marketplace is dead and absolutely absurd. The new person is charge really is a headless chicken who doesn't kn…
  • Considering I always see the same players joining my boats. Meh, I have been worried about the decline of this game for over 2 years now.
  • Sounds about right. Also, now they're starting to take a firm stance against any players who like to use multiple accounts which rubs me the wrong way considering i have done this since 2010 in DFO. It was never a violation then, apparently it is no…
  • RedTerra wrote: » Effect wrote: » It probably would have helped to read the description of the item before using it multiple times. I did, but I figured there would be a way to add binds again, like by putting on a new ES. But to just totall…