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  • Returning player see combat system is destroyed

    Yes the older players are well aware of all this crap including the new fatigue system. If you have played this game before rise there are a lot of things to **** and moan about and it has made it next to impossible to get new players interested into the game meaning eventually everything good must come to an end.

    Really started when they brought a new lead programmer who doesn't know his foot from his ass. -_- They wanted to make the game like every other MMO when it came to pot mechanics and bullshit.

    Let's just keep throwing more and more barriers into the game regarding damage output when royal raids and other raids for that matter only last a couple of minutes and yes I cannot stand counter force.

    Talk about more and more gold sinks.
  • Server Merge Social


    Facts about myself.

    -played since CB.
    -I kept Royal Raids alive for a long time
    -over 16 level 95s and I'm decent with all characters
    -I host everything

    RedTerra wrote: »
    Effect wrote: »
    It probably would have helped to read the description of the item before using it multiple times.

    I did, but I figured there would be a way to add binds again, like by putting on a new ES. But to just totally cause you to not be able to
    do anything? NAGL Nexon.

    Why the hell you would think that when there has never been an item like that? I hate to play devil's advocate on this one. Look, you wanted to enhance it and failed many times. It's better than just having the bloody thing pop right off the bat.

    Not to say I don't agree with you on how much this enhancement system sucks. I have always spoken out against it since day 1 and then they made it worse. lol..
  • The update killed what I played vindictus for.

    AngelYukki wrote: »
    Oldschool MMO life.
    Innovation is the only way an MMO can continue to survive as other MMOs are developing and becoming more creative.
    Though, this isn't to say that games must continue to innovate to survive - some games are able to stay the way they are and be fine.
    Vindictus was probably not one of those games though, so the director took a risk with it and it failed.

    Nothing you can really do. Just move on to a new game if you don't find enjoyment in it anymore.

    problem w/ this is they made it less innovative by making things like their pot system just like every other pot system out there as an example. ._.
  • To all the always complaining people

    SAX wrote: »
    So basically I shouldn't even bother reinstalling this game then. MEE25Lx.png Also removing evies corna was a stupid move a4wipeM.png and on top of that now max enhancement is 20. Is going from bad to worse. M9RRSMI.png

    Miss information is such a bad thing and it spreads like wildfire, wait for the actual patch guys and then judge by yourselfs

    wrong information? because the people who have access to KR don't know what's going down? it really isn't that complicated guys. they have 100 of bugs already and it just launched. They are rushing this, so the idea of it being better is a farce. this is going to be really bad.