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  • Character Skill vs. Reward

  • Vindictus 2018 Impressions Review

    I think everyone else did a pretty good job of covering the armor thing. I will only add that just about every MMO out there starts you out with the most plain and generic looking starter armor. Vindictus isn't any different, but OP is opting to bash it for some reason. In regards to this 'review' though, it really feels lazy for a lack of a better of putting it. Playing roughly 5% pf the content, and then proceeding to give a full blown review on it is akin to eating an appetizer at a restaurant and then proceeding to review the restaurant based on that one dish. How can this even be considered a review when it doesn't touch the remaining 95% of the content? At best, this article/video can be considered a first impressions and nothing more. Now to be fair, OP isn't the only MMO 'reviewer' out there that does this. Most of the MMO reviewers out there do this "I've played the game for a few hours and have a good understanding of the game" mentality. I'll put it this way, when MMO's release new content, what is the portion of the game that is affected? For the most part, it's end game. The low level experience has basically remained the same since day one, save for some streamlining and QOL changes in vindi's case. So really, this 2018 review of OP's is just 'reviewing' content that's been around for around eight years. I will acknowledge that perilous ruins was updated recently, but OP doesn't even seem to be aware of this in the slightest.

    To OP's credit, they do at least acknowledge that this is only the first 20 levels of the game, but since they acknowledged this, it would be more fitting if they labeled their article as a first impressions and not a review. I just don't see the point of calling it a '2018 review' if they only bothered touching ancient content.
  • Balor and Arcana outfitters! Plus more outfitters

    noctred wrote: »
    mini neamhains fighting neamhain.



    Already done :P (excuse my craptop pics)

    On topic though, there was some thread over in KR that mentioned the possibility of getting a neam outfitter, but the developers seemed against it. They did mention that releasing the wings might be a possibility though.
  • 100k NX wings

    This update is another joke...
  • Extraction Rune feature idea

    In all fairness, since I wouldn't expect devcat/nexon to add something like this for free (though it would be appreciated) It wouldn't hurt to also have the option of just perhaps a separate rune capable of splitting an armor fusion into the original components. Small QOL stuff like this is probably where nexon makes most of its money anyways. More options wouldn't hurt.