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  • Seal Shop is Cancer?

    Back in 2013 and 2014, vindictus didn't have black desert or blade and soul to fight for active players. The economy being where it is, is only partially due to the seal shop, and more likely due to having less players providing a steady supply of materials/gold/whatever. Blessed magic elixirs for example, are 3x the price they used to be on East server. Enhancement elixirs went from 60k prior to last saturday, to 300k (mostly due to the event and everyone breaking stuff, but still). Sure weapon feathers and such have gone down 10x in price roughly, but how many weapon feathers did a person need per char? One or two, but how many times do you need to enhance/enchant....

    I actually think the seal shop is a very clever way of Nexon indirectly encouraging more players to purchase NX for runes and such, because suddenly a lot of players have access to the best in slot gear. What do they want to do with that best in slot gear? Enchant! Enhance! Buy runes! It's a very subtle way of tapping into the "free" system and pulling some money out of it. It used to be that orange stuff and such was an entirely "F2P Mechanic" save for those who bought boxes for essences, but by increasing the availability of this best in slot gear, it encourages players to look past the step of just acquisition, and look into upgrading, which is money for nexon.

    TLDR: Yeah, some things have deflated in price, but that has only made the money makers shift to different items...

  • What is your daily routine?

    Log in
    Get warm welcome on my 90s
    Get spanked by big neam, declare life flare = dodging gate
    derp with guildies
    log out and sleepy
  • March 11th's +10-15 coupon duration

    If I'm not mistaken, you can only open the bag that the coupon comes in during the one week that follows the bag being sent out (so if it's sent out saturday, you have until next saturday to open it) After that, it's probably going to be a 24 hour expiration time on it because rip....
  • Titles

    Third Rate Magician
    -Destroy an item via enchantment
  • Please make an event where you can buy all outfits

    If they ever did bring out succubus queen/iset/othergatchaoutfit for a flat amount of money, it would be probably be north of $100 (and that could very well still be considered a bargain considering how bad the gambling percentage is)