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  • Partholon Vanguard Rare Relic Box Contents


    At level 60 for a little while now, there doesn't seem to be anything different.

    Updating the list to 350 boxes, got my first AP blessing and Orb from the box since 250... if I'm still getting new trash items, those good items must have a ludicrously low drop rate. Still no Godly Cloth yet apparently.

    There's far too many items and not enough box samples. More people tallying would be nice.

    EDIT: DPS just got a Fresh ES from this box, so they exist, but lol Fresh. He didn't have an exact count, but estimates 1000-1500 Boxes.
  • Bots?

    someone could sell raid drops for more but they'd also have to pay more for everything they want to buy themselves

    This, and in Aus anything extremely rare (say, back when level 80 was cap and the drop rates were the original low drop rates, before you could box weapons) would have an absurd price to the point where if you got a Lak Fang you couldn't sell it because no one can afford it, and if you were trying to buy one, no one would sell because you couldn't afford it.

    Thus to make a weap we had to rely on getting drops ourselves then trade a rare s2 mat for another rare s2 mat without using gold.
  • Weapon Abilities

    All damaging skills inflict negligible damage compared to you attacking.

    Curse messes up the timing of counters and dodges, and it's hard to time the dodge as the boss starts moving again. Also it is very annoying if it triggers as the boss jumps/flies so we need to wait a long time for him to come down.

    Deadly Weapon is good for xgun where Bolt Storm is 100% crit. But you need to be crit capped for it to be better, which will be hard for new raids.

    Power Battery SP is too tiny.

    Graceful Weapon is good for every raid since there is no speed cap, and more speed is more fun, so this is the best.
  • Reality Distortion vs. Reality Distortion (P)

    Too bad the immunity stops when you cancel the animation, would have been nice if it was similar to trans immunity where you still get the immunity after cancelling.

    In Glas, you can use it to save yourself if you can't get to a portal during reverse gravity, but (P) one can kill them if they don't stop moving (it's bad that moving cancels the immunity) and activating it can slow them down enough to kill them.

    In Claire, use it if you can't get inside the circle, (P) is same as Glas.

    In Lugh, use it after failing to grab exactly 3 orbs, but (P) will cancel setup like xgun's Bolt Storm stance.
    Zeroheart wrote: »
    I only seen Distortion useful, in Macha raid where you do beat her to 8 bars without destroying the seals and dancing at the AOE attack kinda helps.

    In Macha, if that happens, just run to the edge of the map and you won't get hit by it, don't need to use it there. Instead, you can use it if you fail throwing the swords back. But you really don't want to fail breaking the 4 circles, since you do -25% less damage and she also hits you much harder.

    For titles, you can get Claire's Faster than a Flying arrow easily if you use it along with trans twice, and for Macha's Dance of Death just wait on the right side until the ring closes in then dodge towards the middle and use it.

    Along with the extra second to work with, overall I would say normal is better than (P). Mainly because even if it would save others, they will often accidentally cancel it anyway. Moving cancels it, even pressing just alt cancels it.
  • Partholon Vanguard Rare Relic Box Contents

    According to this: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/16aNMeycGRZwYp9Bfp2m56zFovGVVrcbzYxcOFrR6XqA/
    Rare Relic Box (Ancient Relic Box) contains r6-7 scrolls, enhance/enchant runes and legendary shards.
    I'm at Mission Level 57 and still haven't had any luck with it yet, has anyone gotten anything good from these boxes yet? Can those items be confirmed as obtainable?

    Here's what I got from 250 Rare Relic Boxes. Which is 4 months worth of boxes if you only do 420 min missions during sleep and the occasional ones during the day. I've been starting to see Rare Relic Boxes in 360 min missions, but with Mission Level 60 as cap, I highly doubt they will start to appear in anything much shorter. 250 Boxes (old) 350 Boxes (old)

    EDIT: All future updates will be in the drop rates thread: Drop Rates of Rare Items in Raids