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  • Fatigue Chart and FAQ

    Fatigue Usage

    Fatigue is applied upon entering the dungeon, you will not get it back if the run fails or if you disconnect and do not rejoin.

    Fatigue is character based, not account based. So you can keep playing if you have multiple characters.

    Practice Mode will not consume Fatigue.

    Complete chart including event dungeons found at:

    If you have 7 Fatigue and enter a dungeon which uses 10 Fatigue, you will be lowered to 0 Fatigue. You will still get Gold/EXP/AP/Items (as well as the near useless 50% combat EXP bonus)
    In Level 105 dungeons, you can abuse this by using 1 Fatigue Potion to restore 10 Fatigue, then join a 24/28 Fatigue area using only 10 Fatigue.
    Or even better, use soap to reduce fatigue usage by 25%, use 1 Fatigue Potion, do a Level 100 raid for 7.5 Fatigue, then do a Level 105 raid with the remaining 2.5 Fatigue.

    If you have 0 Fatigue, then enter a dungeon, you will not obtain any Gold/EXP/AP/Items from the battle. But it will still count towards bosses killed and increase attempt count.

    Players who still need to do Ein Lacher and Title farming should only do this after their Fatigue reaches 0 from Raids, if they do not want to waste it.

    You will still receive all medals (as well as bonus Honor Medals if it is your first medal clear), but no other items.
    (in this example for Johanus, things like Waking Stones and Legendary Shards will not be obtained)

    You will still be able to work on titles.

    You will still receive story specific items at 0 Fatigue.

    If the host disconnects, Fatigue is not consumed again.
    However, be aware of the bug that may occur when the host changes. Killing the boss may not trigger anything (no screenshots, no rewards, etc)
    So either continue with the chance to waste your time, or leave and definitely waste Fatigue but not waste more time.

    If you (not the host) disconnect, when you rejoin, you will not spend Fatigue again.
    However your damage progress will be lost and you will only obtain 1 core if you do not do enough damage again.

    If you have 0 Fatigue, you will still get Seal of Dedication by reviving others, but at the end of the battle, you will not get any other items (including no Seal of Bravery). Having Goddess' Guidance yourself will not bypass this.

    If you have 0 Fatigue and enter a battle, if reset occurs before your battle ends, you will still receive nothing at the end of the battle. Fatigue will not be lowered.

    If you have 0 Fatigue, you can still complete Redeemer battles and it will count as progress.

    Recover Fatigue:

    Ceara Fatigue Potion (+10% per potion, can be used after 100%)
    - Supply Depot, 1 for 300 NX, 10 for 2700 NX, 30 for 7200 NX, tradable.
    - Temporal mission (daily mission), can use Shared Storage.
    - Events.

    Outpost Fine Fatigue Potion (10% per potion, cannot be used after 100%)
    - Exchange Shop for 15 Seal of Dedication, 1 per day, can use Shared Storage.

    Bed in Guild House (+30%), once every 24h, not a daily reset.

    Daily reset
    Level 91-100 = Set to 100 Fatigue if below 100 + 20% of yesterday (max 20)
    Level 1-90 = Set to 100 Fatigue if below 100 + 100 Fatigue
    Optimal is to be at 0 Fatigue before reset to gain the full 100 Fatigue. Same for Level 1-90 but for 200 Fatigue.


    There are 2 buffs based on how much Fatigue you have.

    Resting Bonus
    While you have more than 100% Fatigue after entering. (Exactly 100% will not have the buff).
    You have plenty of Fatigue Points from resting.
    You will receive 25% more battle completion EXP. (Despite the description saying Completion EXP, it ends up giving near useless Combat EXP)

    Burning Bonus
    While you have 40% Fatigue or less after entering.
    You're worn out from battle, but you got a second wind!
    50% more battle completion EXP. (Despite the description saying Completion EXP, it ends up giving near useless Combat EXP)
    Attack speed increased by 3.

    If you have 0 Fatigue, then use the Bed and a Fatigue Potion and wait for daily reset. You will end up with 108% Fatigue.


    My thoughts:

    Players with VVIP will not really be affected by Fatigue since they get 3 Fatigue Potion every hour as long as you use them (30 Fatigue every hour). It is possible to run everything without any issues.

    Players with VIP or nothing can only do all Level 100 Raids (+3 Departure Tickets from Guild Skill).
    Redeemers, Guild Dungeon and 3 Departure Tickets from Weekly Mission can only be done with the help of Bed/Fatigue Potions.
    Also they need to hope that no one disconnects.
    They wouldn't want to do level 90-95 raids or they won't have enough Fatigue (RIP new players trying to clear story raids, majority of players won't help because it costs Fatigue)
    Also if the host of a story raid disconnects, the whole party is sent to town to guarantee Fatigue wasted, not a restart of the dungeon.
    +1 Raid events will be useless without VVIP.
    Events that require completing enough raids cannot be done without VVIP.
    Events that require completing dungeons multiple times cannot be done without missing out on some Raids because they consume Fatigue too.
    Extra Departure Tickets will be useless without VVIP.
    In a future update, Red Ship Graveyard using 28 and Caesar using 24 will be disastrous.

    New players will be confused, they can still do the battles for the story, but they will come to a point where they will get no EXP/AP/Items from the battles and may quit. They will still get EXP from the story rewards though, but I'm not sure if that is enough to get them through all of the story.
    If they take their time and play over several days, it might be fine for a while.
    But when they reach level 80, the limited grind to level 90 may put them off.

    New characters will be left behind since they can't AP/EXP grind efficiently.

    Older players can still speed run the entire story in 1 day but now require VVIP while also sending Fatigue Potions that was saved through Shared Storage.

    Bots farming Raids will not be affected at all.

    Disconnecting is even more painful than before. (people trolling can also be an issue)



    Fatigue should only be consumed upon completion of the battle, not at the start. Having it consumed at the start punishes players. Bots do not care about this, they just go in with their 1 shot kill hacks, fast kill = much lower disconnect chance, and even if they do dc they'll just move on to their next account.

    Guild Bed should be daily reset, not 24h reset.

    New characters should either be given free 14 days VVIP or have a buff which negates or restores Fatigue (much like the stamina buff given to new characters).

    EXP and AP should be given while you are at 0 Fatigue. Bots do not care about these. But new players do care, a lot.
    Another main reason for adding the new system is to limit the macro accounts. As many of you already know, there are still many players who take advantage of a number of accounts and unfairly benefit from the macro program. However, they will be now expected to have limited game use after the new Fatigue System is added, which will have a positive effect on our Vindictus game economy.

    Nope, bots do not do Redeemers, events, AP/EXP grind, titles, Ein Lacher. They will not be affected at all.
    The majority of players will be affected, so the price of things like Damascus Steel will start to increase. This will allow bots to sell their Steel at a higher price.
    If anything, Fatigue helps bots earn more gold to sell.

    If Nexon want stop bots, Fatigue is not the answer. Just have a system which logs parties (or solo) which consist of people with low stats clearing Raids really quickly, then if you manually check you'll quickly and easily tell if it is a bot or not. Here's what bots currently look like: 9EC1wxi.png

    Also this frog needs a nerf:


  • The Fatigue System

  • Did they GREATLY boost redeemers progress% Gains ?

    25% per Neamhain
    2% per Balor
    1% as normal per Brigid

    Redeemer's Seal is only obtainable after completing 100 runs instead of 100%.

    Basically, only lets you get the stats much faster which is nice for newer players.
  • The Fatigue System

    Fatigue does not stop bots, bots will simply make more accounts. There is evidence that there is currently at least 600 bot accounts controlled by one of the botters. It's easy for them to make more accounts.

    Also, Fatigue is a nightmare when disconnects occur. You waste Fatigue the first time you load in, waste Fatigue again when you reload from a host disconnect, then again if the new host leaves fast.
    So in a raid, instead of spending 10% Fatigue for 1 run, you end up with spending 30%-60% Fatigue just to complete 1 raid.
    This is only for s3 raids with cost 10% per run.

    It is worse in Abyssal which cost 16% per run and Special which cost 20% per run.

    Now imagine what happens when trolls get involved:
    Fatigue trolling guide:
    Since Fatigue is reduced upon entering the dungeon, you can troll 7 people in [Special] Colru the Golem
    Join a Colru party (do not host), click leave but don't confirm the leave.
    Wait until the party launches and when the 8th player waves / just before the loading screen starts, confirm the leave.
    You will return to town without losing Fatigue.
    The other 7 players will lose 20% Fatigue, also they must leave because the run will not start without an 8th player.
    Because of this, they will lose 40% Fatigue minimum.
    If the host leaves before the rest of the party, the dungeon loads again for the remaining 6 for another 20% Fatigue loss.

    Overall, you will always burn 40% Fatigue for all 7 people without losing any yourself.
    If the new host keeps leaving fast, the last player can potentially lose 160% Fatigue

    EDIT: Tested, it actually doesn't decrease during leader change. You still make 7 people waste 20% Fatigue without wasting your own though.

    Fatigue should only be consumed on completion of the battle, not at the start.
    New characters should either be given free 7 days VVIP or have a buff which negates or restores Fatigue.
    If Nexon want stop bots, fatigue is not the answer. Just have a system which logs parties (or solo) which consist of people with low stats clearing Raids really quickly, then if you manually check you'll likely easily tell if it is a bot or not. Here's what bots currently look like: 9EC1wxi.png

    Also, this frog needs nerf:

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  • Side Ponytail Hair on all Female Classes

    They look fabulous!