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Is 'e alright? You put your sword right through his 'ead!!


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June 15, 1960
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Is 'e alright? You put your sword right through his 'ead!!
  • Dear Devcat: Pleasssse give us Hard Mode back.

    So way late last night I logged into Vindi for a while; and Defeated this beasty, Irukul. He is the only Mob on his level, that's it just him. He was also the first thing in the game I've found reasonably challenging my first try I was just spamming Heals; my 2nd try I was buffed with some extra defense and took him down in about 90 seconds. It's such a shame this used to be a much more challenging game. Now I understand to some extent that the leveling process is considered a tutorial; that makes sense in like GW1 where there are only 20 levels; but If a player is grinding out 80-90 Levels; at some point you have to let go of their hand and expect them to stand on their own.

    Certainly by Level 50 I should have a baseline understanding of the basics of the game, reasonably decent gear and have at least graduated from primary to Middle School? No, don't you think so.

    And I know there is the thought well we nerfed the game for Casuals; well as a filthy casual with a full time job and only a few hours a week for play; I can tell you Casual is not Catatonic. Please Don't base your opinion of casual players on the opinions of Elites who divide the world into Elites and Useless; thats not how the world works. In any endeavor involving any degree of skill you have a bell curve. A tiny population of Elites, a much larger population of reasonably competent people, and a tiny population of folks with no talent in a given area. Myself after 7+ years in MMOs I am competent. I like a challenge, I don't want to take candy from babies, thats no-one's idea of fun really.

    If you want to engage, and retain your player base, I strongly suggest to you to please stop under estimating us and give us back the more challenging content that was nerfed with Rise. I know its hard to admit a mistake but I know my post in one of many trying to inform you Rise was a huge mistake.

    This moment is a huge opportunity for you. Literally millions of people are locked down. Many of them returning to MMOs for something to fill up their day. Give them something worthy of their time to return to, and I have no doubt you will be rewarded handsomely for your efforts.

    Nuff said. BB.

  • New (and Old) Player Poll for Vindi Difficulty

    I thought I would share the following, having posted this poll to the new player vs suggestions forum I sent a note to customer support via an address I had from a previous ticket. It's not much but I think we have a good chance of the game team taking a peek at our poll and they certainly cannot miss the weight of opinion on the subject if they do.
    As a new player who came over to vindi because of its reputation for difficulty, I was rather disappointed at the current stat of the game as I found it, but hey it could just be me right? So I conducted a poll in the new players forum.

    I think you all should have a peek at the results and give them some serious consideration. Ty bb.


    GM Zbaris Re: Hello Mercenary,

    Thank you for contacting Nexon America Support. We are thankful for the suggestion you have given with regards to the difficulty of the game. We will pass this along to the Game Team for further review. Thank you again for your continued support of the game.
  • New Ad.

    Question2 wrote: »
    Most of the town building sims look nothing like one either...they show you some gorgeous girls to get you to click on the ad, then you realise the girls dont even appear in the game or are at best, some background images.

    Some truth in that, still the new merc, and the ad campaign, shows Nexon is still willing to invest in trying to revive Vindi. : ) personally I view that as quite a positive thing.

  • New Ad.


    Was over at Freemmostation.com this morning and spotted this gorgeous Miri ad banner for Vindi. Very cool I think. Lets hope it brings in some more new players. : ) BB.
  • Arisha's Whip.

    Thanks Render, : ) I kind like the Earth blast AOE effect; might be fun to play with, hard to tell with a boss mob like that but it did not appear to me the damage out put was anywhere close to Mana Blade, but will have to see.