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  • Upcoming change regarding crafting

    Guess I missed this one since I haven't crafted in months, but as I just really came back this is a horrible change. So was the point of this to kill the market for mats? I mean, you can't buy off the MP to craft anymore because all crafted items will be bound, so why would I ever purchase from other players anymore? On top of which, does this mean that if I buy armor and weapon crafting mats for high level gear and make it for a chance at a 3* or higher that even 3 and 4* will be bound?

    Will this company ever stop making decisions that destroy their own game? Why would you implement something that the majority of your strongest player base is against?

    Side note: I notice the Nexon white knights have steered clear of this thread. When even they haven't shown up you know a change is bad as can be.
  • NEXON = About Guilds...

    Cloakshire wrote: »
    More inanity

    Yes, one should make it a literal part-time job to keep their guild points up to offset Nexon's incompetence that has caused the problem in the first place. You sure white knight hard for this game, acting as though GM's and players are at fault for its horrid state and should be the ones stretching themselves thin to make up for the shortfall. "Tenacious" recruitment to remain active shouldn't be necessary and that you think it's the fault of some smaller guild for not being aggressive enough to continually replace lost numbers speaks well to how blind you are to the reality of the situation. I'm not going to argue it with you anymore, it's clear you're not able to understand the perspective of most players while perched on your high horse. I know a few players over on Blade & Soul that you're probably friends with because I swear some of you will blame the masses until the day the servers shutdown.

    We don't need to rely on Nexon to make the game easier, but we should be able to rely on them to make it fun and accommodating for the people who actually have put in the time and dollars that allow it to keep functioning at all. Clearly that we cannot do, nor can we count on the most outspoken "lovers" of the game to understand things as they are and support other players rather than blame them for not "properly" navigating the refuse pile we're wading through at the moment in a way that keeps their guild numbers up.
  • NEXON = About Guilds...

    Cloakshire wrote: »
    "Sassy post"

    Cute of you to act like your guild is the norm. Many that were formally very active are next to dead now. If the guild isn't full of whales or others without too much sunk cost to feel they can easily walk away it's likely a ghost town. Perhaps next time offer something constructive rather than acting like your fringe case is what most players are running into at the moment.

    As to the OP - double guild points wouldn't be a bad idea at all. My only worry would be considering they've ignored requests around fatigue I'd say it's unlikely they'll pay attention to this. Even the community mods barely surface in the forums anymore, let alone Nexon staff, but here's hoping they do something to keep the game from dying. Nexon's pushing heavily on their dime-a-dozen mobile games, so I don't have the highest hopes for Vindi getting much support.
  • Dear Devcat: Pleasssse give us Hard Mode back.

    Nokaubure wrote: »
    They only target to appeal KR player base. We liked XE combo counter (atleast in EU, but pretty sure it would have been welcomed in NA), but KR didn't so nexon removed it. We liked 8-man raids, but KR didn't so nexon removed it. We liked OS, but KR didn't so nexon removed it. We lived long without fatigue, but KR always had it so nexon added it to us too.
    Buffs/nerfs on characters? its based on data KR players gather, and how well/bad they play these characters, we don't matter for those.
    New outfits? based on KR tastes. If KR people like huge boobs they will keep adding volume up outfits.

    Enough said, you get the idea.

    Eh, no.

    XE - EU was merged with NA, which had at the time a far larger player base. To make porting easier with each update they no longer wanted to deal with multiple combat system versions so XE was nixed. It had nothing to do with KR players.

    Buffs/Nerfs - You can even look in the "Future Content" section on these forums and see information on how unhappy KR players have been about many of the changes made. These have been entirely based on decisions by KR's Director deciding that some random change or another that no one asked for would be good for the game. Things like Karok's clash going on 20 minute cooldowns and bad changes to Lann have nothing to do with Korean players or data they've gathered.

    Outfits - KR has faaaaaaaaaar more outfits in their shop for direct purchase than we do. We have fewer here because the staff didn't have the pull to change it or just didn't care. As to the tastes, outfits have always come from KR, JP, and CN. I don't know why you would think that would change. Might have been otherwise had the game been more popular here, but that's Nexon NA's fault for screwing that up.

    8-man - a number of KR players quit outright when it was removed. Also, as many played at PC Bangs and even if not were playing on great connections with little lag, they didn't have any issue with hardware or connectivity for larger groups so they had no reason to push for smaller parties. That was purely Nexon's KR Director deciding in his own head that it would increase player numbers because people wouldn't have to wait as long for boats. Same reasoning with them removing the party leader's ability to kick from boats. Both have upset players in all regions, and again, it has nothing to do with KR players wanting it.

    Fatigue - only added because KR and CN have laws and policies limiting how many hours a day they can play games. Nexon NA/EU/AUS has a tiny player base now and minimal staff so rather than the KR devs having to code a version without it anymore they have unified the client. Sadly the staff here is incapable or uncaring enough that they have failed to make the case for potions to offset it completely. Considering VVIP offsets it fully it seems cash grabbing is the motivation.

    None of the major changes to NA/EU/AUS have come at KR player's behest; it has all been about people at the top deciding to do it arbitrarily either because they don't care or because they think they "know what's best." There have been a large number of KR players upset by what the game has turned into, so you're off base trying to blame them for what's gone down over here.
  • Hero pass package?

    Clearly aimed at whales only, and completely oblivious to what many might be feeling right now. Utility companies are promising not to cut power and water to homes, banks and property management companies are suspending foreclosures and evictions, cable companies are letting customers defer payments, and here's Nexon expecting people to whale away in a game that's barely seeing anyone logged in despite about as captive an audience as you can get. I'm blessed enough to be able to continue working and am in a good spot overall, but I can promise I'll give $70 to help someone who needs it for groceries before I'll pay a dime to help such an out of touch conglomerate that still expects me to grind it out to boot after throwing money at the game.

    Really, though, I'm sure you don't need our dollars as hard as you've already milked the whales.