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  • Drop Tables | Rise Update

    Thanks so much for updating these. ^-^
  • NEXON = About Guilds...

    Cloakshire wrote: »
    While I wouldn't mind double GP, it's not something I'd go out of my way to ask for. What I see is a small guild, speaking literally not condescendingly, that wants the benefits of having a larger guild without having to put forth the same effort that the lager guilds do to maintain their larger count/activity. Hence my cute & sassy reply b/c all I see is someone complaining about something that they should have full power in fixing for themselves.

    Of course you wouldn't go out of your way for that. Everyone knows you only go out of your way when it either affects you personally in a way you don't like, or (as is the case here) to bash on what others have complaints of, especially when they actually have a valid complaint. Just to be vindictive I assume. What other reason is there to do such a thing really?

    Do I need to remind you that we used to get all the guild skills For Free?
  • @Nexon: Walling off NA?

    Cloakshire wrote: »
    Since the game uses a peer2peer system, any person playing outside of the supported region runs the risk of having a poor experience due to latency issues. This issue also works both ways wherein an NA player will have a poor experience when connecting to a foreign host. Since NA is the intended region & target audience for the NA server, I can see the reasoning. By enforcing region restrictions, they help reduce the likelihood of their target audience having a poor experience by connecting to foreign hosts. It's that simple.

    After I made this thread and logged off, I had a feeling someone would get bent about that. But I didn't change it because that would be their issue, not mine. It sure would've been nice if you really don't agree with nexon, if you had lended your support instead of nitpicking this one thing you failed to understand. That certainly would've done more to help the community.

    But fine, lets explore your issue. Firstly, it's been years since they merged our servers, and Australia is much much farther away than South America and the latency issue is far worse. Secondly, your friend is the first and only non Latino that I've even heard of so far that got banned, and yesterday I didn't even know about that one. Not only that, but he got a very different message than my friends from Argentina. Their message simply said playing from outside of NA, and had nothing whatsoever to do with government restrictions. My friends from everywhere else in the world were not getting banned. So factually, whether it does have anything to do with racism or not, it wouldn't be a baseless accusation (even *if* it was an accusation (more on that later), since that is *based* on what facts I actually knew.

    Not only that, no one that I've ever heard about ever complained about latency caused by players from South America (or anywhere else) being a big problem. People are always putting "Asia host" etc in the mega, and everyone was doing fine with that. I'm in NA, more than 140 miles from nexon (I used to live right down the street) and when I host people sometimes have latency issues too. It's the same for many of us here in NA. I have a few friends here who host no better than my friends from Argentina that they just banned. Besides, from what I've seen the much larger problem with lag comes from the weak servers that have been an issue here for at least 8 years that I know of personally, and that's easily more of a problem for everyone than players from outside of NA hosting.

    Regardless (and here is where your issue comes into play), the fact is I made no such accusation. What I typed was: "you just banned them for no better reason than they have brown skin." I never said that was the reason they banned them. I just said the reason was "no better than" because I didn't see any other valid reason, and I still do not. Did I suspect that racism was involved? I did actually, and still do (change my mind). But did I assume that is the reason for sure? No, that would be illogical, and that is why I worded it the way I did. So that no one who understood basic English would take it wrongly. I chose those words carefully, and that is why when I suspected someone might take issue, I felt no need to edit them.

    Also, they are doing the opposite of making the game more enjoyable for people from NA. Instead they are creating a smaller player base and for a game that's always so close to dying, that's so obviously only making things worse for everyone, with the only possible exception I can think of being those who hate brown people. Are you starting to see my point yet? They've known a huge portion of their players are not from NA for at least 3 years now and have done nothing to change that. Do you really think they just woke up and decided they would start caring about latency all of a sudden after all the server issues they've ignored for so many years?

    On top of all of that, it is very well known that nexon has hired at least one extremely blatant racist before. So why would you completely ignore that? Not to mention the climate of extreme racism here in America at this time is far too obvious to ignore as well. No, I think I have many valid reasons that have bases as firm as anything could be in this situation. Certainly firm enough to pose the question, but I did not even go that far. The most I can factually be accused of here is implication.

    So you said you "do not subscribe to the notion that these people got "banned," because of the color of their skin". But unless you are an employee of nexon, there is no way you would know that, so that's simply a blatant assumption you made based on nothing but perhaps a desire to think that nexon are incapable of bad behavior.

    Lastly I have to ask: do you agree or not? You say you don't agree, but then turn around and say you can see a reason for it, witch is at least partially agreeing. That's a bit of a contradiction. I mean, sure I see what they say their reason is, but all things considered it's hardly a valid reason and so I have different suspicions. Despite all of this though, I wonder why you personally take such great exception to someone thinking it might be driven by racism. Not intending to flame anyone either, but in my experience the term "race-baiting" has only ever been used by racists. No one else would even have a reason to use that term. So are you a racist? Partly asking because the only ban you seem to care about is your friend from the Ukraine. Witch btw I am sorry to hear about.

  • @Nexon: Walling off NA?

    What exactly is the point in banning people who are not in North America anyway? It's not like they're gonna take your jobs, lols.

    Seriously, we've been very proud of the fact our guild is multi-cultural and international. We have friends here in Vindictus from Europe, Australia, Japan, Canada, and all over the world. You just banned at least 2 of my most honest and loyal guild mates. And one of them you'd just unjustly banned only a few months ago already, then apologized and re-intsated his account. I even made a forum post to thank you for doing the right thing. He is the most loyal and honest person I've ever met online too, and the other guildie is his irl friend he grew up with, and is also just an all around great guy. These are my very good friends, and very good friends of many others here too.

    But even beyond all that, this is still just absurd. These people help keep this game alive and you just banned them for no better reason than they have brown skin. Please stop killing the game (and your own profits). You're ruining it for everyone, including yourselves. :/
  • Fatigue System - Ideas on ways to recover

    Kurs wrote: »
    For me, it's not about having a positive attitude it's about trying to look at the whole picture, not being restricted to old habits, or stereotypes and assumptions or lack of knowledge.

    But you are refusing to see any of the negativity, so that's actually limiting you from seeing more than half the picture. The fact is, that your refusal to consider the negative is stopping you long before you are even able to see (and therefore logically consider) the picture as a whole. Basically, you are working from the bias of an assumption that people all have good intentions. As much as I and most others wish this were true, it is a simple fact that that is far from the truth, and far from realistic.

    And again, having a positive attitude towards being mistreated only puts a "kick me" sign on your back. Assuming everyone who works for nexon has good intentions is unwise at best. They are humans just like us, and some humans do have ill intentions, that is simply a fact of life. If it were not a fact, we wouldn't have war, murder, and theft etc etc. In fact, nexon has a bad reputation for a reason, because their track record is worse than average.

    Not saying there are good and wonderful, even perhaps wise people working for nexon, but wise people get fired from jobs all the time for making too much sense. The human ego (although necessary for us to survive) often takes one far beyond being even reasonable, let alone keeping good intentions.