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  • Fatigue System - Ideas on ways to recover

    Kurs wrote: »
    The way I see it is people are too quickly to jump on negatives while ignoring positives

    I totally understand that a positive outlook is a great thing to have. I have always been a person who is predisposed to looking on the bright side of life myself. But when someone bends you over and uses you non-consensual like, it's not the time to support them. You get I'm saying here? If you show support for such things, then you're basically asking to be abused.

    Positive attitudes also can take the form of a negative reaction towards mistreatment too. To stand up for oneself and others is a positive thing, and often that means we need to complain or take even harder roads of defense as in the case of government/corporations stealing our rights, or as a more intense example, when war is made upon us. If someone punches you in the face, do you try to find the positive side and let them keep punching you? Somehow I doubt you would.

    Now I'm of course not saying this is anything close to war, but it is mistreatment at the very least, and now is time to stand up for yourself and your community. In fact, this is standing up for everyone involved, including nexon who stand to lose the most monetarily.

    To defend oneself, and especially to defend others, is not just a positive thing, it is commendable. ^-^

  • Returning Mercenary Package - Everlasting Set

    Level 70 - 79. Also, I'm not 100% sure, but I think certain characters won't get Everlasting.

    And by the way, not many people know this, but you can fuse those to your end game gears (or whatever else). I've actually fused the top and helm to my mains Astera set.
  • Fatigue System - Ideas on ways to recover

    Sorry, I'm not sticking with nexon on this one. Just remove the system (before it does a lot more damage), period.

    And stop lying about it being to stop the bots nexon. Only the non-observant don't know for sure that's absurd because bots don't farm low levels, and most of us are convinced you are the only "botter" left in the game anyway. If bots had been farming low levels, then honest players wouldn't have been farming them because the bots would have wrecked that market too.

    I won't go further into it and how we know what's really going on because some of the things your "botting" has done have made playing this game more enjoyable, and as much as I hate that the economy is dead and hard for new honest players, things are in some ways much better... or well, they were better until a couple days ago you dropped the listings of essences and ores etc to 2 pages instead of 20 - 40 pages in a sad attempt to make the ignorant believe this outright lie about this system stopping bots.

    Listen, anyone here who has a brain wants nexon to be successful, so I'm not trying to put a damper on their income. Quite the opposite in fact, I love this game so I reeeeeaally want nexon to succeed. But there are plenty of ways for them to make more money legitimately. And they are ways that would keep the games player base more active and happy too. A happy customer will be a committed customer. Stop making your customers sad and your income will be less sad too. Simple.

    Most companies do things like have sales. Why not make more outfitters (something I personally know is stupidly cheap for them to do since I'm a game modder), take some of the old gacha outfitters like Regina and sell them in the outfitter shop, and reduce the cost of old outfits that have been in the shop forever already. Seriously, these are solid, tried and true marketing techniques that would absolutely increase nexons profit margin. I'd buy more outfits myself, and I'm 100% positive that many others would too.
  • Just when I wanted to come back, Fatigue happen...

    Are you for real Nexon, you try to combat bot

    The absurd thing is, the fatigue system doesn't affect bots at all since they don't farm low level missions.

    It only affects honest players (negatively) who farm lower level missions, and of course the new players. The only thing I've seen the fatigue system achieve is to make players (new and old) quit playing. Regardless, the inactive player base speaks far more about what the fatigue system has actually achieved than anything anyone, nexon or players) could ever say.

    I don't know one player personally who isn't literally pissed off about it and I'm a GM of a fairly active... or well, it was fairly active until this, and not one person doesn't actively hate this sytem.

    Also, the huge reduction in the player base will certainly have had a very negative affect on nexons profit margin, if it hasn't become obvious even to them already. Sure it's possible they've had a temporary spike in sales of vvip and fatigue potions of course, but when the F2P players stop playing, so will the whels.

    Who wants to play a dead mmo, no matter how great that game is? And how does a dead game make nexon any money?

  • Token/Fatigue System.

    What were you even thinking nexon? You tried this already and it failed miserably.

    Do you really think that just changing the name will somehow make it more palatable?

    ((Note: by "challenging" I mean make the game more challenging to play, not more difficult to do the work.))