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  • Racist GM/Moderators

    I play with quite a few SA players (and others from all over the world too), and yea many do have poor connections, but they most often play with each other and it has never affected my connection regardless unless they host.
    So why are you guys crying so much about this? Let them play, it doesn't Hurt you That badly if they play the same game you play, does it? Seriously, stop being so selfish people.
  • Make +12 armor/weapons Free for All

    I've been playing this game for 6 years now; and this is the first and only time I've ever totally agreed 100% with everything every poster in a thread has typed.
    I'm here because I have one mostly geared up main, and also multiple alts of every character that are not geared up. I also have a small guild I've been trying to keep alive since they took away all the free guild skills, and made us work for everything that was free before. So If I don't play for a month, I will lose even more guildies because now I spend all of my time going through my alts just to make guild points (honestly, I haven't had fun playing this game since they ruined my guild).

    So now my only option is to make another account, and fill it with lvl one chars and try to keep my guild alive with less than half the characters while I wait 31 days to get gear equal to those who haven't been playing every single day for the last year plus like I have. This is my reward for being an extremely faithful vindi player.

    Honestly, this feels like just another slap in the face from nexon. I have been mad at them before, but I have never once even typed the words "rage quit". But for my absolute and undying loyalty to the game, I have a guild that I care about and am trying to keep alive, so that's pretty much all I have time for is collecting GP on all my chars and now I am falling even further behind than everyone who isn't as loyal a player as I am. +wow +mad +sad +thissucksazz

    This is how nexon feels about their loyal players? Those of us who've kept this game from dying for years now. I've thought many bad decisions have been made in the past, but these 2 are the worst by far. Personally I don't even know how to play this game anymore. It should be called "Save Your Guild From Dying" or "Gear Your Alts Before You are Forced to Make New Alts".