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June 21, 1993
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The path less traveled is the loneliest; solitude gives way to adventure. It is when individuals work together without becoming a group that great discoveries are made; otherwise, progress becomes replaced by ideology.
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Over a decade of MMOs. Prefer Hack and Slash, Platforming, and Non-Linear MMORPGs.
  • 95 update has taken its toll on me.

    Arishante wrote: »
    So basically what you're saying is trolling is very much in the vein of It's just a prank, bro. Both in legends and real life, tricksters are annoying little **** that range from slightly irritating to causing serious mayhem. Prankers/trolls are attention starved and definitely not funny for most people involved in their shenanigans.

    Anymore. Before most of the whiners joined the Internet, almost all of us were trolls. It was funny for everyone. Now it's not, so we stopped...years ago.

    And FYI in "legends and real life" there's such a thing called a Trickster Hero. Tricksters have not always been seen as bad, and in some cases they were revered.

    To continue. a quick research will show you the origin of the troll/trolling, it's quite old and has nothing to do with that Russian song.

    I'm wondering what your "research" consists of because if you're referring to the Wikipedia article, it's ill-informed. The article claims that it started around 1993, which is not "quite old" and even then there is no actual proof of its use as a verb in the stated group. The earliest actual use of the term trolling that Wikipedia mentions is from The Straight Dope, which is never a good source of information, and the page linked is purely an opinion article. Additionally, the only link Wikipedia has to a capture of that usenet group has a person self-identifying themselves as a "nice troll" but not in any context, which means they likely were referring to themselves as that mythical creature rather than someone who does the "act" of trolling.

    That "Russian song" is from 1976, and Astley's is from 1987. The Internet (and its various incarnations) had access to those videos in the form of files. Since the verb came about in the late 90s / early 00s, and there's no actual evidence of its use as a verb outside of a reactionary mention of it in 2000, there is absolutely no weight to your claim that it is "quite old" and that videos from 1976/1987 have nothing to do with it.
  • Things that NEED to change.

    But if Vindictus DOES fail... Nexon won't have any more reason to assassinate other companies' Vindi-like projects.

    Let's just pray that KurtzPel succeeds so that Nexon will have to get its act together or completely abandon this genre.
  • Things that NEED to change.

    It didn't used to be this way. The game's going further and further downhill and it won't stop. Get out while you still have any faith based on nostalgia for this game.
  • 95 update has taken its toll on me.

    Bowtacojr wrote: »
    Prototype should know by now that whining on these forums does nothing but give other people a chance to be snarky.

    That's the point.
  • 95 update has taken its toll on me.

    But instead of ignoring the rant threads, you fuel them.