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June 21, 1993
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The path less traveled is the loneliest; solitude gives way to adventure. It is when individuals work together without becoming a group that great discoveries are made; otherwise, progress becomes replaced by ideology.
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Over a decade of MMOs. Prefer Hack and Slash, Platforming, and Non-Linear MMORPGs.
  • would you ever whale?

    Vindictus is the only real hack and slash MMO. There have been other games that tried to go full hack and slash but they failed miserably and relied on skill spam (BnS, BDO, etc). In fact, the only company that's managed to do hack and slash correctly is KOG, which made 2.5D sidescrollers, not full 3D (until now; thank the gods for KurtzPel).

    So sure, there are great hack and slash games...for singleplayer, and perhaps local multiplayer. But peer2peer and massively? No.

    While Nexon is bad, I still hold that NCSoft is the worst. Nexon was always greedy, now so even more; still, it doesn't intentionally kill games off, unlike other companies. If I have to compare it to every other host company, it gets a C. I've seen Fs.
  • would you ever whale?


    Because we're trying to extend an MMO like this as long as possible before a real spiritual sequel actually gets released, internationally if the fates would have it. Most of them are cancelled right before launch (conspiracy theories about Nexon involvement abound), and the closes we get are games like BDO which mimic the physics somewhat but woefully not the actual combat.

    The action hack and slash genre has been building in following thanks to Playstation and Steam, so I'd imagine some people just want to keep Vindi up until its proper replacement gets installed onto our systems and its servers come online.
  • would you ever whale?

    I know better than to gacha. Give me the option to buy an item straight up and I'll consider it. I don't gamble.
  • I got blocked w/ message to contact Billing. Why?

    They probably are blaming you for not getting the money from the bank, when it's likely their own error. If so, contact your bank and ask them what the deal is. But only do so if support tells you that's the problem; it might be like Suh said and it's an in-game issue.

    Also, never, ever give Nexon your personal information. If it's a transaction error, they can't solve that by getting your personal info anyway.
  • 95 update has taken its toll on me.

    But instead of ignoring the rant threads, you fuel them.