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  • Give Old Chars Hair/ Inner Update || Old Outfits

    Sometime in 2013 or 2014, the KR server got an update that made almost all of the current hairs and inner armors at that time the same for all characters in the avatar shop. This greatly increased the selection for all the characters that were out at that time. For example, Evie could get Anchor Cut and other hairstyles that only Vella or Fiona had at the time. The same happened for inner armors with this update. I remember seeing Silver Fox inner for Evie as well in videos back then. We never got this update, but slowly had hairs and inners added over time. All the new characters that get copied and pasted over from KR have a large variety of hairs and inners due to this update, but the old characters still don't because the update was never given to us... All the newer characters have Anchor Cut, etc. and inner armors that the old characters still don't have, since they used to be exclusive to the str characters vs the int characters. Please give this update already or just copy and paste all the hairs and inners from Korea over to the older characters.
  • Best Thread of 2018

    IntoHell wrote: »
    boo4u wrote: »
    that is right stop targeting Silence

    If you really want to impersonate Dazzy on an alt, you should try to hide your boner for Silence a little better, Tachi. FYI Boo4u hasn't even been in that guild for a quite while now.

    Also, I hope you realize that you basically confirmed it is you and ended up exposing 2 more of your alts, aside from yeahyea1 and your other alts.
  • Unbind potions prices has skyrocketed

  • East Server giveaway

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  • Character Slots For Partholon Vanguard

    With the Partholon Vanguard system, we need 10 level 95 characters to get all of the relevant attack, critical, and penetration buffs. Stamina caps after 15 level 95 characters. However, we only have 7 free character slots. This is extremely unfair because KR has the maximum amount of 20 character slots for free, while we have to pay $10 for every extra character slot. We are essentially forced to pay $30 just to get all the relevant buffs from Partholon if we didn't abuse the merge by making characters on each server beforehand. Either give us 3 character slots for free, so people don't have to pay just to get all the relevant buffs or make them all free like other regions. Otherwise, this is just p2w trash.