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  • In addition to outfits that we never received, bring back the old outfits that were removed from permanent sale. I will list a few below. You can see a complete list of the outfits that were removed/ retired to the Vindictus Vault [
  • What about the ones here that are missing in this thread? http://forums.vindictus.nexon.net/discussion/3642/future-outfits/p1 For example, that witch one and the concertgoer one. NA never got the Qipao one either.
  • Could you also include the KR hair and inner update that they got in 2013 or 2014? This update made it so that pretty much all the hairs and inners were shareds cross characters in the avatar shop. For example, Evie could get Anchor Cut. I remember …
  • IntoHell wrote: » boo4u wrote: » that is right stop targeting Silence If you really want to impersonate Dazzy on an alt, you should try to hide your boner for Silence a little better, Tachi. FYI Boo4u hasn't even been in that guild for a q…
  • That's likely an alt of Vani/ Vanisaur/ Iset/ Snowbutt/ Eclipses from Affinity guild. They think everyone's out to get them and impersonating them even though literally nobody knows who they are. They've been harassing my friend ever since the merge…
  • What's the feather one?
  • I am getting $100 to $130 every hour by chipping away at Facebook. I was jobless 2 years prior. However, now I have a truly great job with which I make my own particular pay that is sufficient for me to meet my expenses. I am truly grateful to God a…
  • ElusiveDawn wrote: » I thought Nexon NA doesn't care about Vindictus. How did they have time to arrange the updates instead of just following KR's schedule? This is the first time we haven't gotten patch notes too. Nvm we got them 1h later.
  • The game's been dying for years. It's never going to be scrapped though and neither will Mabinogi. If they were going to scrap Vindictus and Mabinogi, they would've done so with the newest wave consisting of Dragon Nest, Atlantica, Dirty Bomb, Comba…
  • What a huge disappointment. Another reason to play MapleStory instead too. Despite being published by the same company, it's amazing how differently they've always treated each game. MapleStory players get patch notes before the update even arriv…
  • Not sure why people are giving you such high p/c's. You'd probably get 3-3.5b for it. Maybe 4b or more if someone really wants it. At the end of the day, it's worth whatever someone is willing to pay for it though. Obviously, if you get bidwars goin…
  • +15 3* Dullahan Gloves no longer on hold and is sold for 1.5b
  • Raiden893SoL wrote: » Welp okay Thanks! but i still hope they fix the IG Clock issue hate not being able too tell time IG The in-game clock uses UTC. They changed it for the NA/EU merge, but I'm not really sure why they bothered to do that. Sho…
  • I'm sure you're aware that your
  • Why do you keep making these "ranking" threads? Not only is it pointless, but there are a good amount of people (7 at the very least that I can think of) above 5.3k that will push you out of your "top" 5, at which point you'll probably stop updating…
  • MisterWhiskers wrote: » Atherion wrote: » S2 and S1 raids no longer give seals, that's the only change. Including Ein Lachers, you can farm 30 seals a day at the very least each day if you go hardcore. abyssal = 4*9 = 36 ein lacher = 10…
  • PixelPantsu wrote: » Tamago wrote: » Go submit a ticket and stop complaining on forums. They moved my Premium Enchant Rune for me when it was claimed on a character I was AFK crafting on. People tend to come on the forums more about these is…