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  • Player Retention; Why do you keep playing?

    I guess I play out of nostalgia for the past. Back when raids were about teamwork, not dps. I have to agree that Combat, Character and Fashion are the reasons I play. The old raids use to be fun. Tactics and timing really did matter but the thing that has really disappeared is teamwork. They have nerfed S1 and S2 so much that you no longer need a team to get through it. Now you can solo all the way to s3. I have to admit, it's not as satisfying. I miss the challenge and the camaraderie.

    I guess I still play because I love the game mechanics and I still (and probably foolishly) hold on to hope that the game will someday return to its roots and be fun again.
  • So who wants a RollBack?

    Drusa wrote: »
    Treating Vindictus like an old school MMO. snrk.

    The game was never truly challenging. You only perceive it that way simply because you had a hard time learning the bosses until you finally got geared properly and knew how to fight them. The same applies to new players coming into the game even right now. If anything this perception of Vindictus being a challenging game is merely a delusion. Only way to make this game challenging, since the start, is handicapping yourself or trying 0 hits.

    Idk how long you've been here but I've been around since the time when they had a token system to get on boats. You literally described what made this game challenging. We had to learn the moves of a new boss and gear up. That's the point. That's the challenge. I still remember how hard Rocheste Glas was when he first came out. I remember the chaos that ensued when the first 24man raid came out. I remember when the Polar bear was new or when we use to have to work as a team to knock Lionotus off the cliff. Sure, all of those things become child's play when you progress pass it but that was the point of having a Hero mode-- to make those older runs more relevant to advance players.

    I agree with you that none of that is true now. We have to dumb down our gear to have the illusion of a challenge but it wasn't always this way. There was a time when you really had to think and work as a team to beat a boss.
  • So who wants a RollBack?

    A lot of the changes were nice but they clearly made a decision to make the game simple... way too simple. It's not just that they made the bosses weaker or made us way too overpowered with AD. It's that they change the game mechanics of many of the bosses, removing things that use to be a challenge for any character at any level. For example, Glas doesn't grab anymore. Lionotus no longer shoots those black spheres. Titan no longer stuns you. There's only one spider now in Nightmare and many other little changes that take the strategy portion out of the game. Also, the changes remove the need for cooperative play. We use to need a plan and teamwork to beat these bosses. Now, we just have to face tank naked and watch the boss die in under 3 mins. I'm glad I learn to play the game before they nerf everything. I really don't know how newer players will develop the skill without a decent challenge.
  • Granny Panties Only?

    is it bad that I legitimately want granny panties on my fiona?
    The important thing is that you have to the option as Fiona. Enjoy your privilege. ^_^