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  • Player Retention; Why do you keep playing?

    I guess I play out of nostalgia for the past. Back when raids were about teamwork, not dps. I have to agree that Combat, Character and Fashion are the reasons I play. The old raids use to be fun. Tactics and timing really did matter but the thing that has really disappeared is teamwork. They have nerfed S1 and S2 so much that you no longer need a team to get through it. Now you can solo all the way to s3. I have to admit, it's not as satisfying. I miss the challenge and the camaraderie.

    I guess I still play because I love the game mechanics and I still (and probably foolishly) hold on to hope that the game will someday return to its roots and be fun again.
  • Easiest game of my life/ boring af

    Mainichi wrote: »
    How would you feel if I told you that the current normal mode isn't even the old normal mode? It's easy mode renamed to normal mode.

    I would believe you.
  • Easiest game of my life/ boring af

    Atherion wrote: »
    Just think of all pre-lvl 90 content as a tutorial since difficulty spikes up quite a bit once you unlock s3 raids.

    I personally disliked how instead of making early content relevant, it got streamlined and had all difficulty removed. Really lazy way to address the problems of new players getting stuck on outdated content because none of the veterans are given incentive to run with the newbies.

    I agree. They could have left the difficulty as is was Pre-RISE and just offer something like a scaled down clover bonus to advance players to entice them to help out new players.
  • You have obtained 10, 11, 12, 13, gold -_-

    AngelYukki wrote: »
    CometCupid wrote: »

    I don't think it'll cause much inflation and it's always good to earn back repair fees. 'Course I don't care either way, it'll be more fun than anything worthwhile.
    tbh I think the end of dungeon gold is enough for repair fees.
    I've made decent money just by doing raids and dungeons alone and not selling anything.

    Except that, if you are lvl 95, you don't get any gold for most of the runs on this game. The thing I don't get is why Devcat works so hard to discourage ppl from playing most of the content of this game. There are a lot of fun runs at the lower levels. It would be nice to have some incentive to run them instead of being actively discouraged.
  • Player Base

    Optimal wrote: »
    People who think there's no player base are people who only play their buds. Everyday I see dozens of new players in my raids, guys need to stop being so dramatic. Megas are filled with the same weebs who sit in town all day though.

    How long have you been playing? The player base is definitely much smaller than it was years ago. Back in the day there were so many ppl online, ch 1 would cause most ppl to lag and crash. Now it's mostly empty most of the time.