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  • So who wants a RollBack?

    A lot of the changes were nice but they clearly made a decision to make the game simple... way too simple. It's not just that they made the bosses weaker or made us way too overpowered with AD. It's that they change the game mechanics of many of the bosses, removing things that use to be a challenge for any character at any level. For example, Glas doesn't grab anymore. Lionotus no longer shoots those black spheres. Titan no longer stuns you. There's only one spider now in Nightmare and many other little changes that take the strategy portion out of the game. Also, the changes remove the need for cooperative play. We use to need a plan and teamwork to beat these bosses. Now, we just have to face tank naked and watch the boss die in under 3 mins. I'm glad I learn to play the game before they nerf everything. I really don't know how newer players will develop the skill without a decent challenge.
  • Passion ES no longer goes to 100% success!

    I'm not happy with the change. Yeah they are cheap but I've failed 6 significant scrolls in a row. I miss when they were rare and expensive but successful. Now, I will most likely end up paying more overall for less success. It wouldn't be so bad if the max success rate wasn't 49% or if we got scraps toward a 100% scroll. What we have instead is the worst of both worlds.
  • Titles not being applied.

    I've noticed two days ago that titles are not being applied once they are gained. For example, I gained the title "Kielu Killer". It appears on the title list but the stats were not applied nor was the title included in the overall title count. I also just got the tittle "Yeti Horn Scratcher". Once again, the title appears on the list but the stats were not applied nor included in the overall title count.
  • Do you like your RISE extra strong or mild?

    Lahar wrote: »
    The game is better. Go do a lv 90 mission. One thing they forgot to do was removing incentive of making shortest characters with additional attack speed.

    I see two flaws with your argument.

    1) By nerfing the bosses and limiting hero to just lvl 90 makes, at a minimum, 2/3 of the game unplayable. You can eliminate a boss so quickly that you don't even get enough sp to use your specials. This is not just a problem for lvl 90 players. I have characters below lvl 90 and this change completely ruined the gameplay for me and I don't have the option to, as you put it , "go do a lv 90 mission".

    2) How are ppl going to learn the full capabilities of their character if all you need to do is naked facetank every boss? Without the difficulty there is no learning curve, you don't get to master any of the game mechanics and there is no point to updating your gear. Plus, this eliminates the need for teamwork and cooperative play.

    No one says there shouldn't be an easy mode for those who don't enjoy the struggle. This game use to benefit from challenging bosses that forced you to use some teamwork. It's how I met most of my compatriots on this game. Hero Irukul was a beast and weeping queen made us all cry. When Glas first came out back in S1, we swore there would be some people who would never beat this boss. It made it all the more satisfying when we finally overcame those challenges. Can you imagine the pride when you ultimately soloed that boss at its hardest? And for my money, 24 man Red Elchulus was still my favorite raid of all time. I had so many great memories fighting that boss. It's amazing how fast you can lose track of something the size of a two story building. After RISE, what do we now have to show for our effort? What's gonna make you want to replay a boss after you beat him the first time with no effort?
  • Bring back 8 man raids

    I don't mind that they made it 4 man, although I would prefer a 6 or 8 man raid. What's really frustrating is the fact that they nerf all of the bosses in S1 and S2. It's really boring to just run through them in minutes, even when soloing. There's no sense of accomplishment, no struggle to overcome. Also, you have to be lvl 90 to run hero. I've made a new character to test the game play. I"m horrified at the amount of child-proofing they did. Its not a challenge. I wonder at what point in this new version of the game will a player be forced to actually learn their character and learn how to really master the mechanics. What happened to this game? It use to be a challenge and was about teamwork. They at least need to extend proper hero runs all the way back to S1.