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April 19, 1988
  • Exquisite gems - Is this an early April Fool joke?

    To motivate people to buy gold bracelets.
  • Event RNG Trolls


    Fishing on Arisha... would've been nice if it works in shared storage :(
  • Leveling characters for Partholon Vanguard

    Can do lvl 90 to 95 grind in 20 - 30 mins with the free gear at autumn reed bed solo, if you still have leftover 150% exp boosters.
  • Were horrible people (open beta players)

    I didn't mind tokens.. back then, making fine hp pots to sell on market made enough profit to sustain 4 token boats indefinitely.
    Polar bear breaking your shield in 2 hits is annoying q.q
    Vampire screams were terrifying.
    Scythe vs polar bear being lol broken compared to everything else.
    ^^^ Days of when anile were new. I was a newbie.

    All those irukul runs that require at least 2 large shield fifi sitting in the middle.
    Hilder forest equipment being lvl 56 and not 54.
    Meelee staff being a laughing stock in class balance.
    Everyone spamming the hell out of nightmare at the ruins for AP.
    ^^^ A time when hilder forest was end game, with no rocheste. I had too much time on my hands, and ended up being one of the 3 evies who went past 300 titles pre-rocheste.

    Lvl 60 and 61 equipment in rocheste, with a big stat difference between them.
    3/5* hilder forest gear being better than lvl 61 gear for min/max.
    Herokul and weeping queen being a thing for loot.
    Titan spears being an OHKO move, and moving 20% faster.
    Titan killing all players in 1 to 2 hits from full hp.
    ^^^ Era of titan being end game, as a big difficult boss. No pot titan solo on fifi on second week of release.. took an agonizing 58 mins with just 10.2k attack.

    Go swords or get kicked ---- life of a spear lann at Glas in most pub boats.
    Being in the water while thor does lightning means getting ohko'd.
    Glas seeker missiles being unblockable and ignoring iframes.
    Learn to chan ffs ---- common sight in pub thor boats.
    The first evie revamp: removal of meelee staff; evie being the tankiest character by far even if naked due to broken mana shield mechanic.
    20m Force scrolls once in a blue moon from Glas when a +10 weapon doesn't even sell for 10m.
    ^^^ Player base getting more toxic due to the sheer difficulty of Thor/Glas break off. I quit lann because of this whole sword or get kicked mentality.

    What were they thinking making these broken dogs.
    Spin to win golem.
    Hero mode Ricktune's Cabins for weeks on end for the elusive Master scrolls.
    If you don't got the skill to use raiders armor, you suck -- a common mentality of the time.
    Resenlian's Labyrinth having lol broken doppleganger evies that can 1 shot end game players if spawned with certain affixes; mainly due to using pre-revamp magic arrows.
    Weapons beyond +10 getting a massive stat buff, to give a reason to go past 10.
    ^^^ Ingkells and Aghlan were the new bosses; game was difficult, but still solo-able with sufficient practice.

    Lion, with his crazy stats that made it near impossible to beat even with perfect play.
    Colru being flat out inaccessible without having 8 players present in the party... in addition to hosting difficulties.
    Spending about 200 hours farming for master scrolls, only to fail 14 in a row.
    Wb scrolls came out, being so powerful, yet so difficult to get.
    ^^^ This is when I quit vindi. Glas killed my lann, master scrolls killed my fifi, lion/colru killed my evie, I did not enjoy karok. I did not come back for 4 years.

    The dragons came out.
    Royal army lagfest.
    lvl 61 gear being changed to lvl 60, lvl 56 gear changed to 54; weaker/lower level versions of said gear as drops being released.
    Season 2, and the subsequent recton to be after season 1 instead of being concurrent.
    Vella, kai, hurk, lynn, arisha release.
    ^^^ I wasn't around for any of that.

    I came back in feb 2015, nifl came out around this time.
    Saw my wb-f wonderland that cost more than +15s being nearly worthless, and regretting not selling it before quitting.
    Abandoned my evie after realizing I can't meet these stupid s2 raid reqs no-matter what, with how inaccessible s2 mats are.
    I picked up arisha.. and soon, my fifi retired.
    Ranting at how sub par arisha's armor options are due to it being "balanced" with mana shield in mind.
    Grinding the hell out of unveiled truth during merc return + glaughter dice event to max out ap on all chars and farmed up 1.6k divine blessings.
    Making billions on crafting element stones, only to throw most of it away at videk trying to get an elusive +crit infusion.
    ^^^ Then miur came out :)
  • Event: Turkey Hunt You Birdbrain Gobble Gobble FAQ

    Final Slingshot is another under 90 second run that give 3 drops.