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April 19, 1988
  • Vindi Bad Habits - What are yours?

    Pop a vip pill to make myself raid. I stop playing again for rest of the week after 1 - 2 raids.
  • Would be nice if we had a PC Guide

    Totally agree.. market secrets shall remain secret. As a player who doesn't buy nx, gotta make those bils to feed videk/fergus/brynn somewhere :p

    Also, a "price check" is not very useful, since prices varies wildy even between different days of the week; on the orders of 1.5 - 3x price difference for many items. Nexon being somewhat successful with combating inflation lately further contribute to price instability.
  • Recap - Bow and Blade Balance patch

    It is not that hard to use arisha perfectly; but due to having the worst speed scaling, she does really poorly compared to other stacked chars. I have both stacked arisha and scythe. My arisha, when played perfectly, will not reach 25% in a 5 minute raid. My 104 speed scythe evie, even despite making quite a few mistakes (mostly due to losing control from packet loss when not hosting), goes past 30% no problem. It's really easy for me to do more dmg with scythe while putting in less effort at that gear level.

    BUT; at that kind of gear level, you can steamroll bosses with little effort regardless. Does 20 or 30% really matter much in terms of how long the raid takes? Nope. That's why I don't care about top dps personally. As long as I'm farming reasonably quickly, I'm perfectly content.

    If you play perfectly at a raid like baldy, and manage 20%, you'd feel good right? Would you still feel good when the kai who died multiple times does over 30%? I'd be happy in such a situation, because I did my best; but I'm sure there are plenty of ppl who will feel depressed over this.


    Class balance is pretty reasonable for equipment levels obtainable by the vast majority of players, but it is all over the place on the stacked end due to speed scaling differences. There is no way to make it reasonably close at all gear levels without completely reworking speed scaling (which I have no idea how). The current state of affairs could potentially be the best we have... of having decent balance at reasonable gear levels.
  • Paladin / Dark Knight

    Dark knight is all out offensive, giving massive gains in stamina, crit ratio, and attack rating
    Paladin gives crit boost too, is DK crit higher than paladin? If so I might buy the change trans thingy O3O thank you so much <3</blockquote>

    Nope.. they get the same boost.
  • Recap - Bow and Blade Balance patch

    Speed scaling need some rework tbh.

    Lynn perform very poorly at 30 speed compared to other 30 speed chars. At 100 speed, (skilled) lynn performs among the best among the cast. Getting that much speed is... not very reasonable for most players.

    Meanwhile, arisha at 30 speed performs extremely well comapred to other chars at 30 speed. Ironically, a 100 speed arisha has one of the worst performance compared to other 100 speed chars.

    Different characters scale up at vastly different rates with attack speed; causing character performance to range anywhere from subpar to OP relative to other characters, even if all other stats and player skill are identical.