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April 19, 1988
  • Win 10 Fall Creators Update Breaks Vindictus

    kinda glad I've been too lazy to upgrade to windows 10 now.
  • Ranking system

    Until it counts AD, the whole scoring system is still pretty meaningless as a whole
  • Dullahan shields

    I did those infuse attempts from before lord glas was released, because I wanted to cap crit/bal with 90 armor. (It was possible in theory if you find both 21 lightweight and 31 keen, but zero of those were even found before baldy came out.) Any of: blue kitty brooch, Eochaid earrings, Ein lacher, material synthesis, armor compatible with deadly/enthus, neam all made it no longer necessary.

    I was pretty annoyed that I could not use a fomorian book back then. Most classes could cap att/bal/crit with a highly enhanced lvl 60 - 80 weapon. Arisha did not have that option, with lvl 60 - 80 spellswords having too low crit to salvage even with chance scroll. (Raiders was the only one with enough crit, but it couldn't attack cap.)

    As far as min-maxing concerned, arisha was pretty shafted until lord glas came out; mostly to do with lvl 80 and lower int gear being severely subpar comapred to str gear to compensate for evie's magic mastery and mana shield (which arisha did not have). The focus was not enough to make up for how subpar rest of the gear was.

    Today, she has it easy due to standardized stats of lvl 90/95 gear (with 80 gear rendered irrelevant by rise). The focus became a chunk of free bonus stats. If given the choice, I'd still pick a fomorian book over the focus today.

    PS: crit res is useless. I ate 3 crits in a row at neam despite capping crit res.
  • Why is Balance even a thing?

    Rezi wrote: »
    Honoka wrote: »
    yup, exactly what I meant. A 120 speed delia without bad balance would be a monster, whereas an arisha or kai at 120 speed wouldn't be as powerful because they are still limited by cooldowns and mana. Thus it ruins the character balance.

    That makes no sense, as Delia is a VERY SLOW character by default, which means she's completely useless until later in the game when 90+ atk speed makes her even somewhat capable of dealing combos.

    High attack speed on Delia and other slow characters isn't overpowered; it's just the bare minimum speed she needs to do anything.

    And even if attack speed happened to create an unfair advantage without Balance on some characters, the devs just have to change values on those characters to balance it. It's literally just changing the values in their formulas.

    You don't need 90 speed to do something with delia. She works just fine at 60 speed. She still scale well with attack speed when you increase from 60 to 90.
    For a character like xgun kai, who is mainly limited by cooldowns; there is very little (if any) increase going from 60 to 90 speed. You can't make xgun kai scale with attack speed effectively without breaking his fundamental mechanics.

    Different characters scale at different rates to attack speed due to character mechanics. It is flat out impossible to have all characters scale to attack speed at the same rate. Thereby it is impossible to make characters "balanced" for all attack speed ranges.

    At this point, with how stupidly broken AD is post rise.... forget character balance, forget your stats, just play what you consider fun :)
  • Lovely new trend

    I try to res people most of the time but... people usually just pick themselves up with graces immediately.