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  • Korea server Vs NA server

    ya after that board which was probably the worst event we have gotten equal rewards so far. i guess even they realized how bad that was we can hope.

    we still get a lot of timers on event things that really don't need them like the santa outfit this year(30 days this year vs permanent last year), bound and timer'ed megaphones, graces and damascus steel. I don't know if they are this restrictive in kr but putting timers on those things seems unnecessary when they are already account bound.
  • Uptick in crashes?

    Vallesti wrote: »
    The only times I crash are usually caused by some memory error after being AFK for 10+ hours perhaps and trying to run something. Because of that I just restart my game or PC before doing raids and whatnot.

    Same happens to me a lot. Best to just restart client if you afk for a long time.
  • Vindictus in 2k19!

    You make it sounds like the prices would be lower with real players but no doubt they would be much higher (less supply, same demand). As someone who doesn't really care about making a ton of gold off mp profits alone bots keeping prices stable actually helps me.
  • Vindictus Twitch Bounty Fail or Success?

    Ok, I did actually watch through those 3 streams the op posted and I'd like to say those 3 people actually did give the game a chance and while it probably was just for the bounty you can't say they didn't try to see past the dated flaws of the game unlike people like bytestix and lazypeon. I think all 3 of them enjoyed the combat a lot even with their gimped level 1 characters which i thought was great because that's where vindi excels and expands upon as you level up. Another big thing they liked was the character creation which was excellent for a 2010 game and had many characters so you can find one character they'd enjoy. It was interesting they all liked and picked different characters. I think tipsout was probably the most knowledgeable of what he was getting into because he had played the game for 4 hours before stream as evidenced by his 2nd character in character selection and him saying as such. The common complaint from all of them was that the game was way too easy in the first areas which i agree if you don't know about the endgame what's the point of staying in "im an unkillable god ville". I don't think it's fair to write this stream bounty project off as a complete failure, it did expose a bunch of people to this game.

    "Is this game still in early access?" -tipsout
    "ya it's an 8 year old beta" -twitch commenter
  • How excited are you for Grimden?

    Axxon wrote: »
    Meanwhile an Evie that actually plays the game and before you rage, yes I'm back from a 1-year break and I started just with Returning gear :

    Running Eochaid up to Rapacitus (+RAR) twice a day FOR ONLY A WEEK gave me enough stuff to do 4 accessories for Claire (Earring, belt and Aes Sidhe ring are really cheap and Dulla ring is dropping...)

    Then, 3* Coupon for returning player on the weapon, Premium Soap bonus, Vanguard and tweaks here and there = I can Add Elchulus to my schedule (And honestly, Claire is already more than enough drop wise). Get carried in a few balor here and there (15-20min a run now)

    HINT : Join a REAL guild, one more drop and +3 Raids a day for free !

    I didn't even lose my clover bonus (means I played for less than 4 weeks) and just doing raids Eochaid to Rapacitus + Claire/Elchulus later gave me full Astera +12 armor and weapon with R7 enchants without trying...

    And all the other S3 raids give Damascus Steel and R7/R6 enchants. Dullahan, Claire, Aes Sidhe and Elchulus are better for obvious reason but all the others are worth the same drop wise.

    I mean, are you complainers playng the same game as me ? It's as if you expect to get 50mil just for 2-3 raids a day.

    Don'T play the game if you find Astera set hard to gather, that's the EZ PZ casual part. The real game begins when you gotta do redeemers for stats, Synthesis, Ein lacher, do R6 enchant replacement and Reforge your gear. And if you are already Deep within Dullahan set, just skip Astera and go +15 Dulla...

    I agree with all you've said. Some people are just really entitled and forgot there was a game to played here (what will they do once they've gotten max gear via gold buying?). An alternative to just buying everything with gold you could do my method of getting gear with just waiting for everything to drop for you and sell drops I don't need.