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  • Need clarification on the Airtight +13 50% Stone

    the old 100% enhancement stone from seal shop for level 90 said (lv90,weapon) so I'm gonna presume it means it can only be used on dullahan.
  • [Event] Show Off Your Guild


    Guild’s server

    Why others should join your Guild?
    We are a laid back group of people who are always willing to lend a hand to anyone

    What makes your Guild special or stand out?
    We pride ourselves on only having one rule which is to have respect for everyone in the guild no matter what skill level they are.

    Guild’s motto
    still being decided but my vote is "Join us, in our slice of Empyrean!"

    Biggest achievement that you and your Guild members have achieved?
    -clearing guild Neamhain when guild redeemers was still available

    Future goals with your Guild members
    -Gearing up for astera raids

    Other fun or interesting facts about your Guild
    -We used to be called Bliss until the server merger forced us to change names
    -Empyrean was chosen as it's a synonym of bliss and represents our guild as a higher existence in Vindi.
  • Share your enhance and reforge experience

    @prototypemind I'm not sure what else you would propose. The end point of vindi is always going to be gear and if they made getting +15 like over a month or less everyone would quit out of boredom at endgame. I personally don't mind the current steel distribution of about one high enhance try per month (using free methods). I think reforge solves the biggest gripe i had with the old perma boom system of nullifying any material synthesis done or scrolls done and destroying rare fuses. With reforge you know it will eventually happen with the old system you just had to pray to rng and potentially be +12(or +13) forever.
  • Share your enhance and reforge experience

    Jinyie wrote: »
    Everything except enhance runes. Unless reforging lets you use unstable enhance runes, then that's news to me. The reforging system itself is a great idea and I don't think there's anything wrong with it. My only problem is the new enhance rates from RISE which makes enhancing past +12 for weapons extremely frustrating.

    You can use the seal shop unstable rune
  • Why do u show us these if you're not gonna give it

    Rizzle wrote: »
    Emerthyst wrote: »

    I would like to know too would make leveling vanguard alts a breeze.

    What part of that is actually difficult?
    *I forgot - trying to not cut your wrists leveling to 70....my bad

    the last level 99 to 100 sucks really bad (like 4x the amount of 99) but if it only applies to combat xp it's kinda useless.