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  • Shouldn't this outfit be in the outfitter shop?

    I agree the whale money is drying up people don't buy nearly as many gacha boxes as when airtights were first introduced. The old gachas presumably had even worse rates than the current one and yet you don't see nearly as many system messages about drops. This super niche game doesn't have the population to handle having a top heavy and frequent gacha that they've been doing for the last year. They used to take a month or 2 break between gachas to allow people to recoup and make each gacha feel more special rather than "oh there will just be cooler outfits next month".

    Ultimately nexon has the data and if they feel this is the only way to gain revenue from players so be it. it's just kinda sad cuz dollar signs have taken over their long term decision making. Vindy whales are gonna be sucked dry if they keep this up. I have plenty of unspent nx from when this gacha fiasco started about 3 years ago I'd spend in a heartbeat if they put REAL sales for their runes and outfits instead of overpriced bundles and 0.05% chances on gacha.

    Companies that last a long time in america are usually the ones who diversify the most in their revenue streams instead of putting all their eggs in one basket.
  • I love vindictus

    ^A lot of those sound like issues pertaining to your computer set up rather than the game itself. I know plenty who don't have any of those issues and other like you with some of those but not all. You have to remember this game is from 2010 and is not optimized for the advances in computer tech since and some set ups have no compatibility for older software.

    (they could optimize it for current tech but nexon puts like basically zero future investment in vindy right now)
  • Game feels dead :(

    While the implementation of cf is horrid if you look beyond the surface level of "it's to take a dump on new players" you start to realize that the devs didn't just implement this to screw you over. I've been here for a few years now and the same thing always happens every new content patch new boss comes out everyone rushes to play it then quits besides the dedicated fanbase. I believe cf is their attempt in trying to mitigate or at least slow down the rate players can just blast through content and just leave. Having to buy and invest in your character also has you build a subconscious attachment to your character so you are less likely to leave before finishing everything (fear of missing out or IKEA effect).

    Cf while a stupid mechanic doesn't force you to pay anything in real dollars to acquire a decent amount heck they give you 40 cf practically for free as both materials required are in the seal shop and the kitty encouragement potion gives you +30cf for 1 battle so you can do at least one lv100 raid per day or let you into macha which has a much higher requirement.

    (I'm sad too that potting safely isn't a special skill anymore)
  • Game feels dead :(

    Rivers_ wrote: »
    Another thing are the bosses, old bosses were fun skill checks (ingkells, glas, blood lord), new bosses all have one hit KOs and a fuckton of unblockables, games not fun. Why create characters with blocks and dodges and then create unblockables that you cant even dodge??

    git gud? The unblockables are clearly indicated with a red flicker and often do not have the level of tracking a regular blockable has to compensate.

    Agares the most recent boss has only 1 unblockable and he uses it to start and end the pillar phase and its an extremely slow moving wave that anyone can run away from.

    you'll fall for ohkos the first time and then never again unless you aren't paying attention.
  • Should we be concerned?

    Although it is scary how many people are willing to give up thousands of dollars to disney owned properties due to nostalgia. They own a surprising amount of the entertainment industry these days like abc, espn, hulu, maker studio and now fox. It's hard to avoid the mouse.