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  • KR Server Patch Notes & More

    Arcana will be the S3C2 Extra Episode raid boss. The new redeemer will come with the winter update alongside S3C3E1 and Arisha's second weapon.
  • How to get more gold and get the best scrolls

    Farm. Don't count on lucky drops to make money. When you're actively farming, a majority of the money you'll make will be from the common drops (i.e. Heavenly leathers, godly cloths, ores, paradise stones, battle completion gold, etc.). 100k here and 50k there might not seem like much, but you find a lot of them, and the money piles up. People like to complain about how low the drop rate of the rares are like r6/7 scrolls and orange materials, but those should only be counted as bonuses.

    Pick one of the Donegal maps that you like the most, and spam it. You can make a decent chunk of money, it just takes some grit to grind it out. And plus, the market could definitely use more people farming. Orange weapon chunks are so scarce on the marketplace, makes it hard for people trying to gear up with the new change requiring full OJ to enhance past +12.
  • I have to wait til lvl90 to enchant -_-

    You get free gear at level 90 which is plenty good enough to farm with. You should be able to solo easily up until at least Autumn Reed Bed, then farm that for levels. It takes 20 minutes to go from level 90 to 95 just doing that, so I can't imagine it's all that hard to get to level 90...
  • "Special" Raid Battle Pow req of 37K! -default req

    ikevi wrote: »
    Stick 3x Enthu onto your gear and voila, you're good to go.

    You do realize that enthu = loss of 88 battle power... That will sender her in the wrong direction to meet these stupid default reqs:-(

    No it won't? 1 BAL = 300pts, 15 BAL = 4500. Even if you were to drop to let's say 85% crit resist because I can't see in the picture what kind of scrolls the gear currently has the change would net 1,2k points in plus.

    There are other cheap options that RISE provides like the new mini The Dead scroll for rings which would give you 4 BAL & 6% crit resist in total = 3k points.

    You really need to stop whining and use the solutions given to you. The dungeon can literally be accessed with lv90 gears from levelling and lv80 accessories after a bit of scrolling.

    The requirement is Power, not those silly rank points. Power is Attack + Defense
  • Your Thoughts on Additional Damage Changes?

    A couple years ago, they revamped the damage system so that players with mediocre gear would not be so far behind players with min-maxed gear in terms of damage output. They just destroyed that concept with the AD changes here. It used to be I could almost compare damage to people with +15s, but now I am getting smoked with even a +13 weapon. It's a terrible change.