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  • Lovely new trend

    Zeroheart wrote: »
    I am kinda speechless, was doing a bug boy, not sure if bad teamwork or this is what raids are becoming. Being an active and pro team player, i was grappling and swinging but i noticed that I was the only one doing it and it was going two bars connection so i fell a few times. But once i cleared the mucus it was either he going back up and hook on legs so i was scrambling back up, each phase i was swinging and team was DPS but the DPS was so strong enough that i had no time doing it myself.
    At the final phase i was able to swing once to break a light but died since he spat at me . So one swing away to knock mucus away... no one was doing it. Funny thing is that if it hits two bars it auto cleanse the mucus and i did less than one percent damage

    Same with Dullanhan, no one tries or calls to aggro the ghost ,it is pure I MUST DPS THE HARDEST. This leaves the person who aggro the ghost always the lowest dmg percentage and rewards them the lowest drops. Kinda like the guys who are not bombing at all and attacking and when the transition phase in Dullanhan where the circle of ghost comes, we have one person who can absorb shock the red hits and making him spam the AOE attack which kinda kills the other team mate who can move as fast and defend.

    Is being a nice guy the wrong way and thinking being number one the way to win ?

    I can relate to that Abomination thing. It's usually the pro players fault.

    Usually very good geared players don't hook, because they're too good for that. Let the others do the work for ya, while you DPS and get that sweet extra core and cuz you're just so damn, F ing good.

    In reality, its true that a good party can lower down one bar pretty fast, and break the barrier.


    I believe that same good party, would do a much better time if 2 of them took the time to go up there and ring the bells ASAP, it can be done real fast now.


    "I'm just too good to ring bells, let me do my sweet DPS and F off".
  • Dullahan shields

    MochiSweet wrote: »
    Cool, making everyone have free 5 crit while arisha has only crap def/att/resist. Even a shield can be enhanced/enchanted.
    Good way to nerf arisha ey?

    Even with the books Arisha still deals great damage because her attack speed makes up for it. I've seen plenty of Arisha out DPS with no issues. It's all about how the player builds her and how they use her. That's probably why Focus hasn't had any scrolls or enhancing yet. Based on the player base dungeon data of Arisha is how they are basing this.

    It is not about how strong or how weak Arisha is. Any character can do very well without the book. I've seen pretty good Lanns out there do just fine with what the game currently offers, and don't really use tons of infuses.

    The point is, they're apparently trying to balance out all the characters with Evie and Sylas (for the lack of 3 crit) but they completely leave out 2 characters and allow them to be CRITICALLY NERFED (pun intended) by a factor of 3%.
    No, the defense and critical resistance (don't mention M.Att of focus - The m.att of focus is to compensate for the lack of a Magic Mastery or Phantom Mastery as Sylas and Evie do have) of a shield and focus DOES NOT make up for 3% critical rate.

    And about the slot for infusion been had for years on Arisha and Fiona:
    Lanns and such complain so much that it is so hard to gear up because Critical infuses are hard to get. Imagine if you had another SUPER RARE infuse to get on your offhand like it is to get on Focus or Shield. Instead, they're getting a relatively easy to obtain +5 critical rate.
    It becomes more expensive to obtain a +2 critical Runic focus or +2 critical shield lvl 90/80 than a +5 critical lvl 95 book.
    Talk about Deepening the gap of balance.

    -I didn't ask for an extra infuse slot. I started playing with Arisha, it was a GIVEN to me.
    -It's Nexon's fault for not balancing this lack for other characters from the start.
    -Bad balancing is not good balancing (well duh).

    No wonder Fionas and Arishas are becoming a dying breed.
  • Hurk Tiede Pack

    so will the weapon be tradeable? Inb4 +20 tiede weapons :D

    That would be much too good.
    It will probably be a bound forever non-enhanceable +10 orange teide. Wich in its own way, is a really nice gift to start as.
  • Dullahan shields

    KenshinX wrote: »
    MochiSweet wrote: »
    Cool, making everyone have free 5 crit while arisha has only crap def/att/resist. Even a shield can be enhanced/enchanted.
    Good way to nerf arisha ey?

    Yeah, cause she isn't easy mode enough already ;)

    I don't really think that the difficulty of a character should be used as an excuse.
    Actually, if you think about it, the purpose of this whole update to the system (balancing characters?) is automatically defeated if they don't add +3 critical to level 95 shields and add a level 95 focus with critical as well.

    "Yea let's balance all the characters, except 2 of them, let them rot"
  • Hurk Tiede Pack

    Rade wrote: »
    "Rare" is the text designation for orange quality items, as opposed to superior for purple. With it being described that way, you should expect it to be full orange. That actually should be a notable step up from the standard freebie 90 gear, especially since it isn't possible for players who already hit 90 and collected them before this weapon released to get a free one from that.

    Indeed. Even though level 90 materials are pretty cheap now, having a Rare quality weapon already made and enhanced to +10 being delivered to you for free and no effort at all, is, imo, very good.
    I don't have a geared Hurk, so this will allow me to enjoy Teide almost as much as someone who has one, so I'm pretty happy with it.