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  • June 28th Scheduled Maintenance

    7thRonin wrote: »
    You guys should really add some kind of program that tracks what battles/raids are being run on a daily/weekly basis, the difficulty of these battles, how many people are in each group that runs said battle/raid, how many deaths occur during the battle, and how long the battle/raid actually lasts before it's cleared. My idea here is not a program that tracks players, but one that collects info accumulated during the battle for each battle. This should give you guys some idea of what people are doing and something to base future changes off of. -shrug- I'm not a programmer but really, are you going to just keep shooting in the dark trying to make changes based on random opinions and words or things that actually occur and can be recorded as statistics in game?

    btw - 'you guys' means DevCat . . .

    Unfortunately, all that DevCat throws at us is semi-tailored to us, because it's pretty much an adapted version of what they have in KR.
    If they do that, it's on KR server, and they just throw the same changes to us.

    But I don't think they do that. For what I understand, DevCat has their "Ideals" of how the game should be and work, then, they're butchered by Nexon to be profitable (wich is understandable) and what you get is what we see here today.

    I agree with your method, if I developed a game I'd probably pretty much do like that, but, I don't make games, so what do I know?
  • RNG reverse polarity nightmare.

    That's sad, but also suits you for trying to be cheap.

    Enchant runes are there for something :*


    Next time buy the fragment instead, they're tradeable.
  • Unbarable lag on europe server

    what compensation we just wanna play vindictus

    So you mean, that, after a whole week not being able to play decently, while the NA players have beenn having their most fun enjoying RISE content, we on EU, suffering with lag that makes it impossible to enjoy the game in party (have you even tried abomination? hooks never work, masssive deaths while doing nothing wrong), and on top of that NONE OF THOSE ISSUES ARE THE PLAYER'S FAULT, we don't deserve any kind of compensation at all?

    Like, I haven't been able to complete any Neamhain party, nor have I tried, since it is purely painful, and I'd rather watch TV or something than play a crippled game. What if I could only play Mondays and Tuesdays? How would I do Neamhain this week?

    I don't like that this issue is being taken so lightly, this is a serious matter.
  • Unbarable lag on europe server

    I hope they prepare a good compensation for Europe players.

    Not only do they not give us any information about what is going on, but also they're keeping us in the dark as to when it is going to be fixed.

    This isn't fair. This is no way to retain players my dear Nexon team.
  • The reason we cant have 2 outfitters every update

    Why make such a fuss over such a small thing?

    It's not like its those specific GMs that make the choices, they're just the face to us the players. Mocking them wont do you or anyone any good.
    Somethings realy are out of their hands.

    I'd be all for multiple outfiters each month, but this simply isn't the way of asking. Do people mock their bosses when they don't give them specific benefits? No. They bargain. They talk.

    Try being more civic, we're all for each other.