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  • Redeemers: Sea of Reflection (Neamhain)

    Very nice job here, I once thought about doing a similar tutorial, but I lack the required hardware to record smoothly like this.
    Regarding the Rookie redeemers buff, I can tell you how it works because I recently started playing Neamhain on my Delia:

    -The Rookie Redeemer effect will apply the same everytime you join Neamhain until you complete 5 Clears
    -After you die, you'll be unrevivable for about 10 seconds, but then you will instantly revive.
    -The above happens 3 times.
    -After your 3 Rookie Redeemers stacks get lost, you get back to the regular lives people have, so, the 4th time you die, you can be revived by a player right away.
    -The 5th death applies the 8 minute resurrection cooldown, and so does the next.

    Also, rookie redeemer's effect seems to cause bugs to Party Revival Feather and Guild Heavenly Feather.
  • Incapacitated....

    If your Chest armor has the buff: "Berserker" or something like that, it is an item ability that let's you withstand incapacitation for a second or two, so you don't die right away, but die after, like say, during the moonspliter, or during the fury No. 7.
    Just get rid of that buff, or, just don't take so many hits?
  • How do I disable auto-equip?

    You can't disable the auto equip of gear. It's a server side function, once you get something delivered to your inventory in town, and you have no equiped gear on the slot, and the gear is compatible with you, it gets automaticaly equiped, there is no function to tick on the option or some magical file in vindictus file you can edit on notepad to disable it.
    One quick way of not allowing this to happen is not to level armor proficiency skill.

    Hope that's helpful somehow.
  • [Dismantle System] Multiple Items

    The system that we have, is indeed very tedious and tiring.
    Why would you force your players to do over 200 clicks on something that could be done by a couple?

    I wouldn't even mind if the time it took to dismantle was the same, so as long I wouldn't have to keep on clicking for the same time.

    Therefore I support this cause df2SdlQ.png
  • Did anyone else know about this.. or is it just me

    It says when you try to use a fusion rune that you can only fuse items you can wear.

    If they're class specific, hence you can't wear them, and also, can't fuse them.

    That's how fusion runes work. Sorry about your loss, don't think they'll do anything about it.