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  • To all the always complaining people

    I'm glad someone else thinks like me.
    Overall, I think that this update will benefit everyone more than people think.

    Why is it so bad to have 4 man parties?
    Why is it so bad to have over +15 weapons? I remember one guy who grabbed a weapon, started enhancing it from +0 and hit +15 all in a row and then sent a mega: "+15 from +0 withoutfail, this game is too easy" +20 will be another goal for people who have all other goals achieved. You DON'T NEED to obssess over getting a +20, since it is virtually impossible, but you can keep trying your luck, if you wish to, and having that option, in my opinion, is a positive thing.
    Who cares if a noob got lucky and got a +20 straight away? (I doubt it'll ever happen with these rates though), atleast now there's a SIGNIFICANT DIFFERENCE from the highest enhance weapon and the normal enhance, giving the players a reason to aim for the stars, instead of just speed.

    Never mind the useless runes, making stuff that costs lots of seals and hardly benefits us is something they do since the begining of s3 (the 150 seal boxes that 90% of the time gave you crap that you couldn't even trade without crafting, like the time I got a shield essence on my weaponsmithing arisha), so why is it surprising? I wasn't counting in using them anyway.

    Why is it so bad that you can't double boom your weapon? Ok, it actually might be bad when you've got a +12, and you boomed +10 to +11, and then you're stuck with a +12 and a +10 that is worthless. Over time you'll just get a very big collection of weapons until you achieve your desired enhancement level, but again, greed is not good for you, even in the game. Remember that the enhance IS like GAMBLING where you wager your hard work against a small chance. That's always been like that and will remain to be, the good point is that now people won't have the excuse that they got no weapon to play with.

    It's going to be different now. CHANGE is a part of nature, embrace it. I know it is a scary thought, but, sometimes changes are for the good.

    Right now:
    -Some people complain that it's too easy to get +15, with all the events and stuff
    -Some people complain that it's too hard to get +15, with all the fails, and then quit.

    After Rise:
    -Some people complain that it's too hard to get to +15, with all the changes and no double boom
    -Some people complain that +15 is too powerful, and there are too many +15

    In conclusion: People complain and will continue to be complaining, no matter what it is done or what happens, you can't appease to everyone.
  • Why is Evie the best class in the game?

    Oh, really? See, it has been too long since I've played. So HP Potions are more important for Evie now, I take it?

    Still, her defense is so weak, the benefit from armor repair kits is almost nothing. But Campfire is probably more useful to her now for the HP regen.

    Out of curiosity, how much damage spills through? How much effective HP does Mana Shield actually count as per individual layer or as a whole?

    Assuming that value of 2200 HP of the whole mana shield is correct, having a single mana shield fragment left will cut 220 HP out of for example a 2k hit, so you will take 1780 damage instead of 2k.

    Mana shield really used to be OP, now, once you break it, unless you dont take any more hits for a very long time, it really is pratically useless. Not entirely because it will still shave off some damage, but as its been said, with 90 gear having lots of defense, regular sets have 11-13k defense while end game can get to 14-16k (superior gems, over +10 enhance, etc). This makes it less needed anyway.

    It really was a bummer to me when they nerfed the mana shield, because my playstyle relied on letting me get hit to deal more damage, but as I gained more attack speed it became less important too.
  • New player, looking for guild

    Welcome to the game, am a European player, so can't provide you with a guild, but still wanted to give you a warm welcome.

    Good luck around and enjoy the game +best.
  • Arisha's Second Weapon Speculation Thread!

    As Hurk got his second wepon: Teide in KR server for some time now, and now Lynn has her second weapon announced and soon will get it on test and live server, it is almost certain that in the near future Arisha will get her second weapon as well.

    I'm creating this thread to gather all of the community's speculations and/or wishes on what you think would fit for arisha as a second weapon.
    Personally, I think it should be something that would fit the character, while at the same time, compliment the game with something, or increase the utility of something that the game already has.

    Like they did with Lann and Vella, by giving them the same weapon, but a completly different gameplay.

    I've seen some posts in the past about what the community would like, and many people seem to find the idea of a magical whip thing a good choice, I personally would find it boring and lacking in imagination, but would be interested in it if they could make it a fun gameplay.

    As my "Wishes" for her second weapon, I would go with 2 choices:

    IDEA 1: Make her second weapon an elemental one.
    Many things can be done with elements, Im just stating what I would like to see, not what I think is likely to come, one can dream can't he? xD
    -Magical bow:
    A magical bow that shoots elemental arrows(fire, ice,lightning, etc)

    Pros of this weapon choice:
    -Gives arisha a brand new magical abilities, as she learns the elements, a bit like Evie does, making her gameplay even more broad and fun, as you can choose to be an elemental expert, or a mana lord.
    -Evie also learned new kind of magic when scythe was introduced, don't see why can't Arisha as well

    -Gameplay would be too similar to Kai, stealing his uniqueness in ranged gameplay

    IDEA 2: Make her second weapon still based on mana, keeping her image of the "Mana Lord" and/or "Silver Witch"
    There's a multitude of things you can do with this idea, as the magical whip, and so on and so on.
    I for once, would like to see another character in the game use small shield and/or large shield.
    Why? Because the worst thing you can ever get in a raid is a shield essence, or shield scrolls like Fresh, because they are so very poorly used, they sell for very cheap and makes me wonder why they made a R7 scroll for an item that only Fiona can use, while they made no other exception for other characters. IE: there's no R7 scroll for only twin swords or bastard swords, etc.
    Basicaly, I believe this would be a good solution to recycle content, and improve the game while at it.

    -Big focus + Small shield:
    I don't think it makes much sense arisha going around with a large/giant shield, so she should only be able to use a small shield, unlike Fiona, making Fiona still the best tank in the game.
    As for the weapon itself, I believe it would be fun for Arisha to wield a focus type weapon, but instead of using it as a support, use it as the main offense.
    Why would Arisha need a physical shield if she can create a magical one(Mana Drain) while wielding spellsword?
    Spellsword is a magical weapon with embeded magic on it, and Arisha can make use of this magic and her mana to create a shield, without it, she would need to use a different shielding strategy, a small shield seems to be a good choice to me.
    As for the attacks, she could have various mana crystal things to throw, and shoot different mana lazers, etc. This is just an abstract concept I find would be fun.
    -Gives Arisha a different gameplay because it will be less based in Evasion techniques, as she won't be able to teleport or dodge
    -Helps widen the use of shield in the game, making armorsmithing useful again

    -Too much like Fiona? xD

    What do you guys think? Are my ideas lame? What are your ideas?
  • S> Fashion sets for Arisha/Evie - Sylas - Hurk

    I'm selling those sets for a lot cheaper that it would cost you by making them from 0
    Weapon: Terminus Scythe for Evie (3* purple)
    Full set B/O 7,5kk (with weapon, 6kk without, weapon only 2kk)
    I'm a weaponsmith for a long time. Never ever was I able to sell a 3* purple weapon for 2kk except for the very begining of Season 3.
    3* weapons are being sold on the market for like 500k or less.

    EDIT: I see it is dyed. Never mind my comment, wish you luck on your sales :)