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  • Does vindictus run on a tablet?

    This tutorial just popped up yesterday: http://imgur.com/a/pY2sA

    TF2 is similar to Vindictus in age and that it also runs on old Source, so when I saw this Vindictus was the first game I thought of. The laptop I used to run this game on all the time is only slightly better spec'd than that tablet. The only problem is that Vindictus uses 2gb+ of memory sometimes, especially if you leave it on for a long time, so you would want a model with a lot of RAM if such a thing exists. I'm not sure if you can get something like that for very cheap though.
  • Titles

    I'd like some titles for mechanics in older battles that didn't have any. Would give people reasons to go back to them for fun, even if just for a bit.

    -Grounded Elchulus with the Ballistae 15 times

    -Trip Akanan/Dark Akanan 10 times
    (I've only met a handful of people who know this is even a thing)

    "Death from Above"
    -Drop stone weights on Irukul 30 times

    That kinda stuff. Maybe some secondary weapon related ones like killing bosses with small bombs or hitting spears from really far away too.
  • What is our primary DPS scenerios/rotations?

    Generally you want to be using the Cataclysm rotation as much as possible.

    Build a comfortable amount of sp (I go for 400ish if I'm not running cat statue)>cast Raging Volcano>spam blasts/strong blasts>use Gigantic Strength and launch a Big Bang Attack before Cataclysm expires. Make sure to convert Gigantic Strength into Ruminate before that runs out so you can attack nonstop and have sp to do this cycle again when it's off cooldown.

    Hurricane is good, Internal and Hulking Fury are more situational utilities. Hurricane is most effective when you have Destroyer crits available.
  • Collab Events? Also SAO outfitters return?

    I'd say chances of another event like that are slim after the last one. The SAO event came with a redux of the Ultimate Objectives event that we had to do to get some of the rewards, but the numbers weren't tuned correctly, so both East and West failed most of them. The real kicker here was that because of how licensing agreements went down, Nexon did not have the power to alter the terms of the event after it started. Everyone was mad.

    As far as rereleasing those specific outfits, that's something that they can't just decide on their own even though the items are in the client. Again, due to licensing. I think your only hope is that a new season or movie for the series comes out, and for some reason they decide to work with Nexon for a promotional event again even though this game is old now.

    Still praying for a Konosuba collaboration at some point, myself. I need to see a bunch of Megumin Evies running around blowing things up.
  • Is Dark Soul harder than Vindictus?

    Wow, that article. Someone is getting paid for making an article about parry cheesing a boss in Dark Souls.

    If you wanted to compare that to something in Vindi, that's like a Hurk with an sp pot start just deflecting Titan and dancing during his dumb stagger animation before getting his revenge hit in and repeating until he dies. Souls Bosses look slow because the game plays slower. Vindictus gameplay contrasts that completely by design because, as mentioned above, the point of Vindi now is to make you feel great while you're fighting using op character skillsets. Dark Souls is always going to be about the struggle and feeling good about winning after the battle.

    Also, a big part of the difficulty in the Souls series is the situations that the games put you in for the bosses. Barring ds2's godawful baby mode bonfire placements, you're usually in pretty bad shape with hardly any estus left by the time you get to the boss, especially on your first playthrough when you don't know the best way through. Vindictus is only like that in regular dungeons, which aren't even the focus of the game.

    I'm still baffled that that's an article on a professional news site.