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  • Hurk Second Weapon Officially Confirmed?

    Why is Hurk shirtless in both the teaser video and that "Rule Breaker" image on the winter update page? Will he also be blowing up his shirt to gain attack speed?
  • When is the Winter Coupon shop supposed to restock

    Was too good to be true I guess, maybe they'll ninja edit those per day lines out of the news post.
  • Vindictus Avatar Contest [ Discussion]

    Probably can't provide high enough quality images to enter, but I'm rooting for anyone who submits more avatars that show off this game's cool helmet options!
  • Will lag from Ein Lacher update be fixed?

    Unfortunately, this is an ongoing issue on the Korean Server, so until the issue is fixed on their end, it will be awhile until it is fixed on our end.
    I have to wonder, which update did it start with for them? It's most likely the Ein Lacher one but they've had that for so long and I don't want to believe the devs were okay with just leaving the game like that for so many months without rolling back whatever changes caused it. I would hope that it's another case of us getting performance/rebalance updates ahead of schedule compared to content updates, and that KR server players haven't been dealing with it for the majority of this year.

    Really sucks to not have any communication about it from our team but if it really is that bad, I can understand if they're being instructed not to say anything. Just bizarre that complaints were popping up as early as August and we didn't get any answers.
  • UI Causing Frame Lag and Freezes

    Bringing topic over from old forums in case anyone is wondering why the game is not running as well as it did back when we got the UI revamp. Still an issue as of today's Halloween update.

    The user interface was altered in the Ein Lacher update in ways that are causing stutters/freezes/fps drops in various situations, along with some strange bugs. A few examples:
    -The battle results screen and anything else that brings up the success emblem with the shining light and feathers effect cause severe frame drops. This includes enhancing, opening random box type items, and leveling up skills.
    -During boat launch, the game will stutter as the camera focuses on one's own character. This is visible to everyone else on the boat; it will appear as though the character has frozen as their name appears onscreen. It's not uncommon to see everyone in the party freeze in this manner.
    -Hiding the UI (pressing numpad- twice) does not work the same way it did before the Ein Lacher update. It appears to freeze all functions of the UI, including healthbar/stamina updates and even expertise crafting timers while the UI is hidden. This leads to stutters or momentary freezes when the UI is turned back on, where you can actually watch the health and stamina bars glitch out before changing to their new values.
    -[Fixed]On dx8 settings, bright particle animations will cause shadows of the UI to appear onscreen while it is hidden. UI possibly being rendered multiple times leading to frame drops?

    Image of the UI shadow on directx 8 settings:

    My thread from the old forums:
    (Link) (Dead)

    Bug reporting thread on the EU forums with staff responses, note that it's in the "Unconfirmed/Needs more information" subcategory:
    https://forum.nexoneu.com/showthread.php?1551126-Game-freezing-lagging-fps-droping-at-end-of-the-battle-screen-After-1-70-patch (Read-only)

    One of many threads made in other subforums with more hardware reports/discussion:

    The game did not have these issues when the new UI was added in the Bow & Blade upate, nor when the game still used the old UI prior.

    New info 02/16/2017:
    -The boat freeze and fps lag with the UI on got worse after the Abyssal Arena patch. It's clearly visible that when the game stutters on your character during boat launch, the shaders setting is suddenly set to minimum and immediately changed back, causing the stutter.
    -Fps in town with the UI on is not problematic until after launching a boat and experiencing the stutter for the first time after launching the game.
    -The only seemingly related UI change in the Ein Lacher and Abyssal Arena patches is the one referring to buff icons being made to redraw in 60fps at all times.