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  • January 11th Scheduled Game Update

    How about a bit of activity on forums
  • RIP ez freezy costumes

    +1 for events like these ones.
  • Black Friday Outfitter Sets/Elch Wings Petition

    Send a ticket, NA's GMs are really nice about things like that and there is no harm in trying. Though I don't see why they have to specifically state that you can get a female set on a male character and visa versa, usually they have to state it if its the opposite, since that means that players can miss out on a certain reward and there is probably less of a chance to get a good reward in cases like that.

    But then what's the point of making a 6% chance boxes worth 5k NX when I can't anyway use what I get? Best thing now would be make the rest of unopen sets/wings tradeable.

  • Feedback for Christmas Update

    Soo...I was thinking that might be nice if we players would suggest you what we would like to get in future update. Why not sharing a feedback for an upcoming update trying maybe to give you (NA/EU teams) ideas on what to do. So, let's start.

    image 1. Events
    • Dye Event - Would be nice to get some old dye event like the strange traveler's pictures collection.
    • Returning Event - We're missing it since a lot! It's always cool to get some free avatar and maybe who knows, inner armor?
    • Christmas-related events - Here's some really old event that surely players would like to get back:
    - Don't Let the Glitches Steal Christmas!
    Description: The kobolds in Hoarfrost Hollow hate the holidays, they hate the whole season and, while nobody truly knows the reason, some suspect that it’s because their hearts are two sizes too small. In fact, these creatures are so jealous of everybody’s holiday cheer that a glitch has turned their skin green! Eliminate these holiday-hating Glitches! Defeat enough and collect 4 puzzle pieces to earn your own set of reindeer antlers and a shiny red nose that (you could even say) glows!
    - Free Snowballs Daily!
    Description: Get 11 FREE snowballs from the Supply Depot every day from December 15 through January 4, or purchase them in bulk at the Supply Depot. Snowballs can be used as secondary weapons to pummel and sometimes even freeze your foes, or you can have a good-old-fashioned snowball fight with your allies on the boats!

    image 2. Sales
    • Outfit Resale - Bring us again our beloved outfits please! Here's some example:
    Qi Pao (for all classes?) - Frozen Princess - Christmas Elf - Bolero and more...
    • Inner Armours - We just had the black friday box sale including the iset outfit so why not bringing its Inner back? Or also the Fantasy inner and the Snowflake inner

    image 3. Contents
    Habitant - A new boss is awaiting to be released, is there a chance to get it this Christmas?
    New Town - Malina is outdated already...give us the new town where we can finally enjoy perma no-light!
    Quick Battle System - This system is really needed for us players. It allows to join battles from everywhere removing the need of camping in front of the battle map.

    *Typo on the poll: "Yes I totally agree."
  • So what about TIR Coins/NX selling?

    Since we have airtight and megaphones in our server which basically covers everything but the inability to buy outfitters, there is no need to add a tircoin system (another p2w system)in our server.
    Please. Just say that you don't want tir coin to be implemented, no need to hide against these airtights over and over. Also TirCoin system is a definitely a need for all the players who can't and won't afford to spend money in game. It's not a need for you, maybe.