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  • So what about TIR Coins/NX selling?

    But on the old thread we had other examples of thony who bought a lot of avatar sets without spending real money.
    Not going to happen in NA

    Even if is not going to happen (there's still hope though) it's disappointing see how glad you are that TirCoin system isn't going to be implemented when it's something that everyone could enjoy. Somehow this system hurts you and you keep call in cause the PayToWin when it's already PayToWin and as I said TirCoin would make it more fair for people who can't afford, and won't afford, real money in game. I don't understand why you can't accept it. It is not going to hurt you in any way unless you're jealous of people who use in real money to progress in game (which is a thing that happens already since it's PayToWin anyway), or you're hurt by the fact that people could get for 'free' what you pay with real money. Also please, if you could avoid this 'we' when you talk about something that you don't want would be appreciated. Unless you can talk/decide for the whole NA community than feel free to do it.

    Nexon is a business and they want you to buy their premium outfitters for real money. Take a good look at Nexon EU and why they were out of business. Airtight item already offer everything that a player would need. The things that you can buy with TIR coin that Airtight can't is already given out for free via Events. As I have mentioned before, those items are premium outfitters in the outfitter shop and pets which can't be obtained through Airtight and are not needed to progress in game.

    The rest of the items in the cash shop are obtainable through Airtight items. Therefore, Nexon NA does not need to introduce TIR coin and Saygo already have decided for us that we will NOT be getting tircoin.

    Then stay with your beloved rng Airtight. I'll keep asking for TirCoin system to be implemented and I hope that others will aswell.
    Oh and I think you missunderstood what Saygo said. Prolly the happiness of the moment made you see only what you wanted to read.
    We are not ruling out the possibility of ever bringing TIR coins back, but our priority for the foreseeable future is the EU/NA migration and bringing quality content and events for the Vindictus Community.
  • So what about TIR Coins/NX selling?

    @187 You sound so egoist, even the NA community wants Tir coins but you don't like/want them simply cause you don't need them, cute.