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  • Changes to the Premium Armor Runes description

    Customer Support used to actually be good, but lately for the past few months (dare I say it, year) they have been unwilling to help regardless of the situation. Will always get the same automated response of "We're sorry for such and such, however, we wont be able to do x/y/z. We apologize for the inconvenience this matter has caused you."

    Hate to say it, but they're not. It's a word that can mean a lot — or nothing. Why? Because sometimes saying 'sorry' is just not enough. Actions speak louder than words. Good examples of customer service would be offering personalized interactions with your customers, getting involved in causes your customer believes in, getting back to customers ASAP, and thinking of customer satisfaction long-term.

    If you want players to spend money on your game, to stick around long-term, or recommend your game to friends/family, you have to provide quality customer support. Instead of unwilling to help your customer and flat out telling them no, help them out to the best of your ability or offer them an alternative/compensation. By doing these things, it will show people that you care. It will help the playerbase long-term.

    As it stands right now, I would grade customer support with a current grade of F. It is so bad that they might as well not even offer customer support. In my experience, most of my tickets ended with nothing being resolved because they don't make the attempt to try.
  • Total Damascus Steel + Cost Calculation (rough)

    Did a rough estimate of the total amount Damascus steel needed and cost assuming you are stuck with a +10 Astera Weapon and want to hit +15

    + 10 = 12 Steel per attempt x 4 (max attempts to 100%) = 48 Steel
    + 11 = 22 Steel per attempt x 6 (max attempts to 100%) = 132 Steel
    +12 = 34 Steel per attempt x 8 (max attempts to 100%) = 272 Steel
    +13 = 46 Steel per attempt x 10 (max attempts to 100%) = 460 Steel
    +14 = 60 Steel per attempt x 12 (max attempts to 100%) = 720 Steel

    Total Steel = 1,632 Steel

    1,632 Steel x 4m (approx cost of steel) = 6,528,000,000

    This is JUST for the cost of steel. The cost doesn't cover the cost of Astera Weapon Essence and the x2 Ores needed along with the real life $ cost of runes for every attempt.

    Will update thread with further findings.

    Cost of Enhance Runes (assuming you don't have any lying around)

    Total needed = 40 Enhance Runes x $4 (approx cost per rune) = $160
  • Are guild runs on Quick Battle inconsiderate?

    Guilds runs on Quick Battle are inconsiderate because the feature is being used for unintended purposes. The feature is used for, if the name wasn't so obvious, quick runs NOT Guild runs. There is a Normal Board for premade runs. But...but, that 1 core. Yeah, no. I'm not leaving. So, you can just keep kicking me off your boat and I'll keep rejoining it. It will only be just as annoying for you as it is for me. Suck it up and deal with it. If your friend/guild member is slow, too bad. Sounds like a personal problem. Get a better computer, get a better internet provider. <3 <3 <3

    tl;dr If they're going to be inconsiderate, then I'll be inconsiderate back.
  • New Content? Translation Needed


    Boss has Lv 100 ring recipe. At least, one half of it; similar to the thorn/dagger and the int rings

  • Old events end.. News post.

    Most likely the hair and inner will be purchasable via avatar shop through regular hair and inner coupons which is why players will have to use their coupons before May 2nd because they won't work after the maintenance; the Rockstar coupons wont work even though the items will still be there. Kinda hard to word this. Basically, the hair and inner will no longer be assigned to those Rockstar coupons (they'll use regular hair and inner coupon instead) meaning the game wont be able to recognize the Rockstar coupons because there is nothing assigned to the coupons. Ugh, sorry.

    The hair, inner, and makeup are likely to stay but through the use of regular coupons seeing as how other regions required no special coupons. The only reason our region had special coupons was because it was a promotional item that would eventually be accessible to everyone else later on. Basically, spend x amount of money to have first access to these nx items before anyone else.