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  • Unstable Enhancement & Enchant Runes

    11/26/2016 : Well, this is embarrassing. The Unstable Enchant Rune does NOT protect the Enchant Scroll. I am very sorry. I must have gotten confused with how it was worded. My apologies.

    The Unstable Rune is just a normal rune that is consumed regardless of fail/success.

    For the curious:

    Unstable Enchant Rune : Protects items during Enchantment. Prevents the destruction of both items and durability reduction in the event of an Enchantment Failure. Its instability means that the rune will be consumed even if you have succeeded.

    Unstable Enhancement Rune : Protects item during Enhancement. Prevents the destruction of an item and durability reduction in the event of an Enhancement Failure. Its instability means that the rune will be consumed even if you have succeeded.

    My interpretation : Item will not be destroyed nor will the durability of the item be reduced, however, the Enhancement Rune will be consumed whether you have succeeded or failed the enhancement.

    As for the Unstable Enhancement, there isn't much information as to which enhancement parameters it protects. Nonetheless, hope this information will help those confused. :-)
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  • Vindictus Avatar Contest [ Discussion]

    Ooh, this looks fun. Might enter this contest. I do have to ask, does anyone know if Imgur offers cropping tools that allows you to select the crop size? Because eyeballing 300 x 300 might be difficult for me.

    Edit: I do have a question though. You said the screenshot has to be captured from in-game, but can it be screenshots found on the net as long as it is Vindi related?
  • Neamhain Raid: Will you do it or pass?

    Sorry If I sound like a noob, but is 200 crit/balance 120 crit/80 balance or 110 crit/90 balance?

    It is good to hear that the comfort recommended stats are 24K, 13-14K DEF, and 50 ATS. That shouldn't be difficult to get at all. Well, maybe the attack speed part.
  • Story Progression and Skill Progression Changes

    I'm not sure if anyone knows about this, but there were a few changes that came with the Animation Emotes update in Korea.

    You will notice that all the buildings but two are accessible; there are no floating signs over the buildings and on the map. This is because you need to progress in the story...

    Next: You will notice immediately your skill window will no longer be populated with every skill in the game for that character. This is because you have to progress with your character. You won't see certain skills until you hit the recommended level .


    Final: With each chapter you complete, you will be awarded an upgrade in gear to help you progress with the story.

    Skill Awakening UI Update: The Ability To Force Feed A Skill In One Bulk Of Stones.

    Quest Log Update: Color Coded Quests

    Credits belong to Dragonblade9 on the old forums.
    Hope you will find this information useful.