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  • How difficult is it . . . ?

    +12 Chaotic Judgment Dullahan GS
    Regina Chest/Regina Greaves
    Terminus Helm/Gloves/Boots

    90 Bal
    62 ATS
    32K ATT
    15K DEF
    160 Crit

    Yeah, I know, the ATS is nothing impressive, but it gets the job done.
  • Faded Monitor Color Display

    Yes, I gave it time to finish. It asked me to restart after it completed. After restarting, it still looked faded.

    Edit: It was an issue with AMD drivers. Found a fix online. Anyone that has this similar issue, here is how you can fix it.

    Right click desktop, click on Radeon Settings, Preferences, Additional Radeon Settings, and set Pixels to Limited or Full RGB (whichever is your preference). I choose Limited because Full RGB looked extremely dark for me. I hope this helps.
  • PVP Capture the flag

    It would be nice.
  • Why do people hate extra cores?

    With everyone yoloing their weapons from the +10-15 Coupon Box and the 50% Restoration Scroll, I see more Weapon Essences on the Market than usual. It is nice. Extra core = chance at a rare drop, but I do understand where others are coming from. For them, extra core = extra useless junk. Most of the S3 raid drops don't even have a use. Shame because I recall before we had the composite system, most if not all drops from dungeons, had a use. Composite system has its benefits, but more useless items is the drawback. What would things be like if we still had the old crafting system for 90 gear and the drops in dungeons were max stat oj shards?
  • Gearing a lvl 90 Arisha

    You could wait for Lv. 95 armor and weapon, but if you are not into full plate sets, you could do 3 Regina, 3 Terminus.

    -Enlightened Enthusiastic Terminus Helm
    -Temporal Master Terminus Chest
    -Enlightened Enthusiastic Terminus Pants
    -Reinforced Echoing Regina Gloves
    -Reinforced Echoing Regina Boots

    Weapon Enchant Options:

    -Immoral Spirited Regina Spellsword -> Full Crit
    -Immoral Judgement Regina Spellsword -> Crit and Speed
    -Righteous Spirited Regina Spellsword -> Speed and Crit
    -Righteous Judgement Regina Spellsword -> Full Speed

    Whichever Weapon Enchantment you choose is up to your personal preference.


    -x2 The Dead Passion Crescent Moonlight Rings (if you have the funds, go for Ocean Depths Monster Ring)
    -x1 Subdued Passion Ruby Belt (if you have the funds, go for Amethyst or Grim Belt)
    -x1 Significant Passion Innocent Tear (if you want more speed, replace Significant w/ Fast)
    -x1 Significant Berserker Blue/White Kitty Brooch (whichever brooch you select is by personal preference; Blue for Crit, White for Speed.) Again, if you want more speed, you may replace Significant w/ Fast.
    -x1 Runic Focus

    Hope this helps. :-)