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  • Can we do something about the RN-Garbage?

    I am a bluntly honest person. I will tell you like it is without holding back. Can we do something about the RN-Garbage (RNG) in this game? Particularly, Power Infusion. The problem with randomness is that you can never be sure that it is random. There is no reason why Intermediate Element Stones should be rolling +/- STR, AGI, INT, and WIL on high end gear. There is no reason why I should waste 200M+ trying to roll + DEF infusion on Dullahan armor nor should there be any reason why I am not getting + Critical Infusion on Blue Kitty Brooch. I get it, Power Infusion is end-game, but can we please cut the BS? Why do we not have stat specific element stones? What works for Korea does NOT work for North America; not just for Power Infusion, but in many areas of the game.

    If you want to draw more players to your game, how about more quality of life features?
    Player of 7 yrs, $13,000-$14,000 spent over time.

  • is this game dying?

    In my opinion, they should just revert AD back to pre-Rise, but at the same time let armor still gain AD. If I remember correctly, +15 was 300 AD, meaning, +15 armor would be 150 AD each. More than reasonable without breaking the game because the current formula makes the game way too easy. Keep pre-Rise AD formula with the addition of AD on armor, keep the HP on bosses post-Rise, keep +20 (just get less AD), remove the restriction of not being able to enhance after restoration. Seriously, I don't think DOL has the right to tell players on how to use the restoration system; did he design it? If people want to double boom their weapons to get materials back to make a new one, then let them.

    AD is the reason so many people quit. There just way too huge a gap. With the current AD formula, seems like gear > skill. That is not the direction most people want the game to go in.

    How about Nexon actually listen to the playerbase for a change? We're the ones you know, actually playing the game. We have ideas that will make you money, we have ideas that will ensure player happiness and growth, so what's going on? If you actually took the time to listen to your players, listen to their feedback, you'd probably have a larger playerbase, you'd have more players happy, happy players = spending money.

    Here is a crazy idea: People want a +15 weapon? How about putting a +15 coupon in the daily mission exchange shop? 365 tickets should be more than reasonable. 1 year to get a +15? Why not? That will allow players something to work towards for.
  • NEW Map / Raid / Reedemer Information (22.12.2017)

    If people watched MintRisha's video, you'll see that Balor caps at 33.5K ATT and 173 Crit. Have at it. Hope they'll let someone with 32.1K ATT and 160 Crit v.v
  • NEW Map / Raid / Reedemer Information (22.12.2017)

    Looking forward to this update :D
  • 95 update has taken its toll on me.

    People don't have to be snarky . . .