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  • Caution: Extraction Rune

    Wow, this is ridiculous
    Although I do understand your confusion regarding this matter, I have further reviewed this situation further and the reason that you are unable to use the Extraction Rune with Dianann is due to the fact that the +8 Reinforced Echoing Terminus Boots are too low tier. The Extraction Rune can be used on +9 and higher equipment with Dianann. I would have suggested trying to use the Enhancement Tab for the boots and apply the extraction rune through that process. However, as the boots have been previously destroyed, there is no way to add them onto the Enhancement slot.

    Thank you again for your cooperation and understanding.
    If you should have any other questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to reach out to us again.

    Rather than actually do an investigation, all they did was reiterate the same exact thing the previous GM said. Are you kidding me? I was denied a refund for the rune I STILL have in my inventory and was denied solutions that I offered which are more than reasonable for the inconvenience I was caused, but nope! Truly sad and pathetic. Customer support really has gone downhill. Thanks for making my decision so much easy, Nexon! I'm done spending my money on this game.

    This is the response I wrote back.
    Rather than actually reinvestigate the issue, all you've done was reiterate the same exact thing GM *bleep* said. This is absolutely ridiculous. Not only was I denied a refund for the rune that I STILL have in my inventory, I was denied solutions that I offered which in my opinion are more than REASONABLE especially for the inconvenience I was caused. Customer support really has gone downhill with the new GMs. Thank you for making my decision SO MUCH easier.

  • Caution: Extraction Rune

    This is the response I get back from Nexon. Really?

    Thank you for contacting Nexon America Customer Support.
    We appreciate the time you took to contact us via chat to inquire about your +8 Reinforced Echoing Terminus Boots not being able to be extracted using an "Extraction Rune". I hope that this has not become an inconvenience.

    Based from the description you provided on your chat and from the results we found during the investigation process, the boots can't be extracted due to it being restored before. We didn't find a description on the rune that it has any limitation on being used to any items for this kind of process.
    Because of this, the only reason we found why the item can't be extracted is due to it being restored already in the past. However, for your refund request, as the extraction rune has been used already, it can't be restored because the item didn't have any issues and has been applied properly on the process. I appreciate your understanding and patience on this.

    1. Wrong. Restored items can be extracted.
    2. The rune is still in my NX inventory. I purchased it yesterday.

    What garbage. As someone that has spent 13K over the 7 years of playing, consider having lost a customer. Horrid support.
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