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  • Seanna = Neamhain's vessel?

    Here are a couple theories as to why Seanna might be Neamhain's vessel.

    1. It was mentioned in the story that Neamhain's awakening was incomplete/failed and as a result appears the way she appears in Sea of Reflection.

    2. When reaching Berbhe for the first time, in one of Seanna's dialogues, she says something along the lines of feeling as if having lost something. A memory perhaps? We don't have much of a backstory to Seanna, but what if time/memories were erased back then? I'm referring to the witch hunt; she isn't an oracle to Morrighan as she can detect the power of other gods as so mentioned in Season 2.

    3. When Lechaud covers Seanna in a blanket after the ordeal with getting Gertrude the potion, he says how Seanna looks a lot like his missing sister. What if Seanna IS Lechaud's sister? If you look at their appearance, don't you think they somewhat resemble as siblings?

    What if the result of Lechaud being Priest was caused by a memory wipe/time change and it was Seanna who was supposed to be Priest? Remember, Lugh too had to walk the path of hero, so it is likely a similar occurrence happened back then. I don't know what the female variant of the Priest outfit would look like, but I'd imagine it would look a lot like Neamhain's in Mabinogi. Aside from the tan, if Seanna were to be wearing Priest clothing and a set of dark wings, don't you think she would look a lot like Neamhain from Mabinogi?

    Another thing to think about. Meb mentions to Seanna that she would change someone's fate. What if that someone was us? Of course Vindi no longer follows Mabi's story, but what if there was some similarities? In Mabinogi, Neamhain uses her Brionic to kill Cichol and the player is then bestowed upon his power. What if something similar happens to the player during the path of hero? What if Seanna awakens as Neamhain, blames and kill Cichol for her failed awakening and then the player is bestowed his power?

    What do you think?
  • Outfit Transfer Idea

    Blade and Soul has an outfit delivery stamp feature. Nexon could make something similar.
    It would have to be per outfit piece because once an outfit box has been opened, there are 5 pieces total (sometimes, but also depends on the outfit because some have only 3-4 parts) : Head, Chest, Pants, Gloves, and Boots.
  • No Valentines Outfits??

    I wish we had an NA/EU exclusive outfit. Outfit design contest anyone?
  • is this game dying?

    There just doesn't seem to be enough incentive. What about daily/weekly sales in depot? What about events that players really want back? I.e Golden Time, Summer Chest Event, Pocketknife, etc. What about outfits that players want? Just because NxNA can only host the game doesn't mean they can ask KR for modifications for our version of the game. Some things that work in KR obviously doesn't work here.

    Not being able to enhance after restore is harsh. Why not grant an additional chance at enhancing and restore items a second time?
  • Share the Moosic!

    Only Happy When It Rains (New Years Day) Ft. Lzzy Halestorm