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  • Character buffs definitely went through, notes?

  • How excited are you for Grimden?

    Menrva wrote: »

    Alienating new and returning players is the worst thing that could possibly be done for a dying game. The MMO excuse is irrelevant.

    Keep living on your whales while it lasts, I guess. No new player in their right mind will waste their time with the unforgiving gearing system. **** Vindi's RNG, I'm finally done with it, and I've been around since closed beta.

    You do realise new players get the same gear as returning players reach lvl 90 ?

    The free gear let you do EVERYTHING except Astera and reaching 75 CF is easy : Worst case ? Make an Abom belt, Eochaid earring and Aes Ring (that one is much cheaper), put them +11 and TADA you got yourself enough CF if you take a Kitty potion for that Daily Claire.

    If the game spoonfed us to give free gear strong enough to clear Macha right away, the game would be boring because you would have no reason to gear at all. Astera is end-game it's not meant to be reached ASAP. All games got content for geared player (Astera) and hardcore player (Redeemers) and that Astera ''Gear wall'' is not even thick to begin with. You just need to stack CF with Free gear to clear Claire, then you can start making armor (cheap) to clear elchulus and slowly grind your way up to Macha.

    Astera bosses are really generous in their drops, even just unlocking one of them will help alot to stack more CF and making Astera set.
  • How excited are you for Grimden?

    Meanwhile an Evie that actually plays the game and before you rage, yes I'm back from a 1-year break and I started just with Returning gear :

    Running Eochaid up to Rapacitus (+RAR) twice a day FOR ONLY A WEEK gave me enough stuff to do 4 accessories for Claire (Earring, belt and Aes Sidhe ring are really cheap and Dulla ring is dropping...)

    Then, 3* Coupon for returning player on the weapon, Premium Soap bonus, Vanguard and tweaks here and there = I can Add Elchulus to my schedule (And honestly, Claire is already more than enough drop wise). Get carried in a few balor here and there (15-20min a run now)

    HINT : Join a REAL guild, one more drop and +3 Raids a day for free !

    I didn't even lose my clover bonus (means I played for less than 4 weeks) and just doing raids Eochaid to Rapacitus + Claire/Elchulus later gave me full Astera +12 armor and weapon with R7 enchants without trying...

    And all the other S3 raids give Damascus Steel and R7/R6 enchants. Dullahan, Claire, Aes Sidhe and Elchulus are better for obvious reason but all the others are worth the same drop wise.

    I mean, are you complainers playng the same game as me ? It's as if you expect to get 50mil just for 2-3 raids a day.

    Don'T play the game if you find Astera set hard to gather, that's the EZ PZ casual part. The real game begins when you gotta do redeemers for stats, Synthesis, Ein lacher, do R6 enchant replacement and Reforge your gear. And if you are already Deep within Dullahan set, just skip Astera and go +15 Dulla...
  • A Nostalgia Thread

    - Staff had SMASH ATTACKS

    - Staff also had to use a consumable to heal the party

    - Our only magic was magic arrow and firebolt. Guided Lightning was a 4 SP bar active


    - Scythe couldn't stack snaps and overral, Evie had the least variety in her spells, probably the least well designed character of the whole game until Whip Arisha came out. Took 1 full rework to be decent and another 2 more to be like she is today.

    - Keaghan was and has been the only battle to actually require player skill. You only needed around 10k to damage cap that guy (Hint : it's very low) and he was doing a crapton of dmg no matter your defense because he would go though blocks, mana amber and such, you had to actually dodge or die. Someone in a lvl 60 set and ''meh geared'' could easily outdps and someone considered OP and it happened alot... For the first time, gear meant nothing in a raid. Elitists hated it casual players like me laughed at them alot.

    - Season 2 was hell... It was long and quite hard season overral. Sadly, this one is best forgotten :/ Wasn't Nexon fault, but it was poorly executed Development-wise. Season 3 is a real breather/refresher.
  • Were horrible people (open beta players)

    MrGatto wrote: »
    Noobs as in 'new' players most likely like Jess said.

    Tbh I rather have my ~7 years of memories and general experience than to be a showoff/tryhard in the current version of the game but thats just me.:P

    Dps competition after Rise and the ADD dmg changes,lolwat.

    we can do it same Additional damage if u want :3 what do u say... and nah I rather be good at the game than having memories of the past o.O
    memories of the past