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  • Miri Thoughts?

    She's fun (not enough to quit my evie, 100% sure, but enough to level up to at least lvl 90) and ridiculously easy and straightforward.

    If you consider Kai the Easy mode of Vindictus due to his range (Release kai lel), Miri is probably VERY EASY mode.

    My complain : she really feels lackluster once her bar is down... her regular smash are nothing impressive, they focused all of her power into the dragon moves, so the ''Down moments'' without Dragon knight or a filled up bar are quite painful in raids.
  • Were horrible people (open beta players)

    I started after Titan release and very shortly before Staff Evie first (out of like 3 by now ???) revamp.

    So for Episode 1 and part of episode I had fun looking for parties and having A HELL OF A TIME SOLO'ING MACHA HARD MODE GNOLL CHIEFTAIN (IMAGINE STAFF EVIE WITH 4 SMASHES AND ONLY FIREBOLT OK ?)

    I remember when the Last Evie doppelganger Blind arrow was 1 hit = you die and there was like 5 to dodge in a wide and random cone in front of her... Absolute no way to predict it if melee, the lanns had fun (LOL)

    Irukul, even if a lvl 52 raid, was a challenge and an epic+astronomic preview of a real lvl 60 raid, even if you were lvl 60 (or 70 back at S1E10 cap) and since the ivory belt and ring were still mandatory back then (Had to combo them with Dreamwalker set) you actually had to farm him and his break off. It felt incredible when you were able to craft your Ivory set. The Ivory weapon was mandatory too in order to survive the lvl 60 content difficulty jump.

    Hilder Forest was a harsh lesson and a huge step to go through. Very few quests, little exp, the bosses hurt, the set was mandatory in order to run Titan/thor and be able to farm your lvl 60 set decently. Farming the set took me a whole week the first time. Let's not talk bout Vehemence and Ingkara set ok ?

    Thor break-off runs were the best break off runs.

    Ingkara and chiulin = Vietnam War flashbacks trauma

    Ingkells was bullshit and very easy to fail. You actually needed strategy or a very geared Spear-Lann-Turbo-Spin-Engine for useless equipment in the end (thanks Glas sets...)

    GLAS WAS FUN, HARD, BUT FUN, was my best and favorite run back then and the break off animation was brutal...

    Wonderland set was so good it ran us, the Evie class, through the entirety of Season 2 and the end of season 1 LOL. Mhara was a nice set (once we had seals to farm it) but you could easily skip or ignore it since it basically just gave def and nighthawk weapons were a nice lvl 70 weapon lol... If you were GOOD, you could skip end-game sets on evie and the def they gave (nice huh ? No we need the def now in Season 3 or we cry...). Once I got my Wonderland Set and Raider Staff back in S1E8, I only changed it at S2E2 (It was 2 years gap back then) to get nighthawk since the Int was similar and the def was useful, but far from mandatory (S2E4 was harsh without Def tho...) !

    Duo-Trio Raid run were actually a thing, a soft challenge and very fun.

    Solo runs were impressive !

    So many fail runs on Lionotus oh my god... We sucked as a community on him

    Colru, very hard and kind of articifial difficulty... at least the sets weren't that good unless you were a lann or fiona for the stamina.

    EP 9.5 and EP10 were fun, very hard bosses... but the rare drop mechanic was bullshit now. Vindictus became hell there with a huge hiatus between Colru nd Elchulus server laggy raid.

    Season 2 was just a massive fail content wise.

    Season 3 is good but it came way too late and Dullahan requirements are massively high so it feels like we don't have actual content since Lugh for most of us... It's still just about Farming lvl 90 sets in hopes to get the requirement to survive a Dullahan you won'T even carry

    EDIT : DID I FORGOT TO MENTION KEAGHAN ? YOU DON'T KNOW THE CORE IDENTITY OF VINDICTUS IF YOU DIDN'T RUN A KEAGHAN RAID BACK IN S1. BLOCKS WERE USELESS, YOU HAD TO USE I-FRAMES OR DODGE. EVIE ONLY HAD BUNNY HOP EXCEPT FOR 1-2 ATTACKS. It was actually easy, when you got the patterns, to get barely hit or not hit at all the whole run and carry ! HE COULD ALMOST ONE SHOT YOU EASILY. HE WAS UNFORGIVING AND GAVE US A THROWBACK TO THE OLD HARD RAID THAT BECAME EASY (Colru and the dragons became very easy fast, but Keaghan was always hard). KEAGHAN DEFENSE WAS VERY LOW. Almost everyone could attack cap him, so it was a skill test, NEVER a gear test. A low gear (Aka lvl 60 gear with no enchants) could easily beat a fully geared and Enchanted lvl 70 set. That raid was awesome for that. I don'T remember exactly but keaghan probably ignored defense on a few attacks. Keaghan would but the barrier between the ''Carried by gear noobs'' and the actually ''low-geared but very talented players''. I miss that raid... S2 was just DPS sandbags (Except ISet *Cough*) and Season 3 is more about gear then skills...
  • Arisha Secondary weapon

    My dream weapon is something that allow some kind of puppetry.

    By that I mean, Controlling your weapon from a mid-range distance and it seems like he does all the job for you but you do the controlling. His apparences would change depending on your armor to match yours and the weapon would be his.

    Basically a real PET class with at least half the attacks coming from the pets or something.

    A dark Mage like Warlock or Necromancer is also a dream xD.

    1) The worst thing that can happen with those runes is ending up with a +9.

    2) It doesn't stop you from using the regular enhancement runes to get back at +10

    3) It doesn't stop you from enhancing without a rune past +10 like everyone else had to do before Rise and Recover the item with AP

    4) You still have a chance at premium enhancement runes if you really went a +11 through events and special sales that happen 3-4 times a year.

    5) Perm-Bound stops you from using THAT specific rune only. AP restoration is apart from that

    6) Please read descriptions and don't act so butthurt. All the statements I said are understood by simply reading the new rune description